Monday, May 9, 2011

The Mono Jacks- Now In Stereo REVIEW

First things first- The Mono Jacks will never need to worry about locating that elusive demographic which commonly eludes artists en route to building a fan base. However, maintaining that fan base is entirely up to the direction they choose to take from here. Relevance tends to be fickle with music like this.

A four piece band originating from Bucharest, Romania, the Mono Jacks specialize in traditional Euro-pop/rock with a heaping dose of overwrought late-90s angst. Now In Stereo, their debut LP which dropped in March, plays like exactly what it is- a freshman album of clean, concise tracks from a group content to not yet take any risks or rock any boats. Lead by vocalist/guitarist Doru Trascau, the Mono Jacks wholeheartedly throw themselves into each of Now In Stereo’s serviceable nine tracks. But for all of it’s energy and focus, Now In Stereo just kind of happens. At their best, the band is quite playable without being especially memorable- extremely listenable but lacking in depth. At their worst, their detractors might say they sound like the emotional lovechild of Keane and Starsailor living in the shadow of their rebellious, slightly less vanilla older brother, Coldplay.

That said- the Mono Jacks is definitely a band I intend to keep an eye on. If this foursome continues to develop their obvious talents, they have a future as the massive radio band they aspire to be.

Standout tracks include:

When I Was Gone- The album opener is highly infectious and reminiscent of Kings of Leon at their most radio-friendly.

What Do You Know- Boasting a darker undercurrent, this track is evident of the potential directions the band could take.

You can listen or download the entire Now In Stereo album at

- Fr. Jones


  1. Sounds a little like Fuel.

  2. I absolutely love them!!! seen them live and they are awesome!!!