Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Of Montreal - Live at In The Venue SLC, UT 5/9/2011

I have always heard stories about Of Montreal's live shows and this past Monday I was lucky enough to see for myself what the fuss was all about. From 1997's Cherry Peel album to last years (2010) False Priest album Of Montreal now have 10 full albums along with numerous other EP's and singles. Their music rarely remains the same, evolving with each new album and that is one of the things that set them apart. Their real talent is their artful presentation of their live music.

I originally thought I was going to a music concert on Monday but it turns out it was actually a masked men wrestling match with referees and the whole deal along with Captain America and his crew. Add a couple other skin tight men dressed up like pigs, some fairy princesses and some cocooned butterflies. All these bizarre things are going on right in the middle of the stage as the 8-piece band is belting out their music. In the background there is also a beautiful double screen visual to hypnotize you along the way. Needless to say this is not your typical music concert, it is almost Flaming Lips-ish with all the on stage antics. I thought it was presented beautifully and was definitely a concert that will be hard to be out performed by others.

If you ever get the chance I would recommend seeing these guys perform live you surely will not be disappointed.  At points in their set I felt as though I was just sitting in an art class and being taught

Here is 'For Our Elegant Caste' performed live on 5/9/2011

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