Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Painted Palms - Canopy EP & Live Review

So yesterday I was lucky enough to go to the Of Montreal show here in SLC, UT. Well a surprise happened right before Of Montreal even performed - it was a band called Painted Palms. I knew I was going to this concert for a week or so so I decided to check out the opening bands material and came across Painted Palms debut EP called 'Canopy' over on their Bandcamp page. The first few listens of the 5 track EP were very impressive. I was also hearing comparisons to Animal Collective and even more people calling them the kids Of Montreal and I would even go one step further to throw out the Cut Copy resemblance as well.

They have that Dance/electro pop/crisp indie sound to them. When they are playing live you can tell they are enjoying and believing in their music and it really shows with the quality of their live set. This 5-piece band plays so well together, their sound is constantly flowing throughout their set. For an opening band with only an EP under its belt that is a quality that is hard to find. Of Montreal’s Kevin Barnes hand picked them to open for them on their North American tour. You can see why too with the talent that is already in full swing with these guys. I will be very interested in hearing a full album from them and seeing if they can still wow me with a full list of songs. From what I heard on the Canopy EP and then hearing them play live I am a big believer in these guys and what they can become in the future.

Here is a little History lesson on the band from their Record Label - Secretly Canadian...

Cousins Reese Donohue and Christopher Prudhomme are the creative force behind Painted Palms — a duo in the studio that expands to a five-piece band for live shows. The two grew up together on the same block in Lafayette, Louisiana. After Donohue moved to the Bay Area in California for school, they spent several years exchanging music they had made by themselves — hypnotic sound experiments and song fragments. However, it wasn’t until they both returned home for the winter break in 2009, that they began playing music together. Canopy is the debut EP from duo Painted Palms. With its echoes of Brill Building pop, buoyant electronics, and encompassing textural experimentation, the EP exudes something ebullient as well as meditative. Canopy is a modern psych-pop collage with an affinity for fluidity and the exotic.

My take on the EP is that it is a great starting point for the band and really shows what they have to offer for the future.  It is hard to say what song I enjoyed most from the Canopy, I really felt it was an all around solid little EP with no flaws in it.  After hearing them play live and re-listening to the EP again I really liked the songs 'All Of Us' and 'Falling Asleep' and I even recorded them at the show and uploaded them here for you to listen too.  If you listen to All Of Us and Canopy you can really hear a little resemblance to Animal Collective and Cut Copy.  They are refreshing songs and give you a little boost.  I thought Canopy started out awesome - it has a happy/uplifting sound that shines through from start to finish.  The whole EP has a nice chill sound and almost makes you feel like you are on vacation looking at waterfalls and hearing the birds chirp in the background.

Canopy EP Track Listing:
1. All of Us 03:04
2. Water Hymn 03:47
3. Falling Asleep 03:08
4. Great White 03:45
5. Canopy 03:52

Here is the 4th song off of the EP -- 'Great White'
Painted Palms - Great White by Szabom

The EP's title Track 'Canopy'

Here is the 3rd song from the Canopy EP 'Falling Asleep' This is from the 5/9/11 show at In The Venue, SLC, UT

Here is the song 'All of Us' recorded live at In The Venue 5/9/2011


  1. Totally agree with this. I was turned on to them by one of my friends whos always searching out new stuff. I think they sound better live than "on wax" as the old folks say. I was super hyped to see them and Of Montreal as always and Palace of Buddies was a pleasant surprise as I didnt know they were slated to appear. I see you were in the balcony.. thats me in these vids front row left the tall one eventually with Kevin Barnes' crotch uncomfortably in my face at one point and being trampled by squealing girls trying to touch him. Fun show tho .... Barnes crotch aside

  2. yeah I think hearing them play live even made them sound better. I heard that their studio stuff they are just a two man show, but their live stuff has all 5 of them which maybe makes their sound that much more enjoyable

  3. I did come down to the floor for Of Montreal and took a few pics from there http://www.fakeplastictunes.com/2011/05/of-montreal-live-at-in-venue-slc-ut.html I have a picture of the Kevin Barnes pose I believe you are talking about.