Friday, May 13, 2011

PS I Love You - Meet Me at the Muster Station

'PS I Love You' is a band from Kingston, ON, Canada. They have been one that I've followed since late 2009 when they gained some notice with the b side of a 7" single called "Facelove". Pitchfork picked up on them early in 2010, putting them on their playlist.
I loved that track and thought the video was a great tip of the hat to Joy Division's "Love Will Tear Us Apart" video. So with that they had already endeared themselves to me with relative ease.

The band is the work of talented duo Paul Saulnier and Benjamin Nelson. Signed by Toronto based indie label Paper Bag Records, they are part of a strong collection of artists that boasts Broken Social Scene, Tokyo Police Club and Stars as part of their roster.

The band's debut release "Meet Me at the Muster Station" was released on October 5th 2010. With ten tracks on the album to play through in a brisk 29:42, it would seem pretty short on quantity. But after a good listen you understand they have more then fulfilled their end of the bargain with such quality tracks for a debut. Paul Saulnier is more then happy to let his guitar do most of the talking on tracks like "Boners and Butterflies" and "2012" where the lyrics are nearly impossible to pick up. But when PS I Love You launches into a song, it becomes satisfyingly noisy with some epic heights. This prompted Pitchfork to give them a very solid review of 8.1

I especially feel the pull of the more recent video for "Get Over", which was filmed around their hometown, mostly taking up residence at Queens University's famous Grad Club. It brings back many good memories for me of nights in the city not altogether different then portrayed in the video, including this location. I guess I will just leave it at that. ...And yep, we do watch hockey in the background at parties in Canada, in case you were wondering. The Band is currently on tour in the UK and gaining increasing popularity.

Album Available Now on iTunes

Track - "2012"

Track - "Facelove"

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