Thursday, May 26, 2011


Team Me and Fake Plastic's very own Fr. Jones shoot the breeze about musical influences, the live circuit, video games, their upcoming EP, and the importance of fan interaction in the 21st century music business.

* Here is a link to my Team Me review

Fr: So I've played the video game and finally got home before the song ended- how much of a role did Team Me have in designing the game and how do you feel it reflects your music?

TM: Congratulations, it can be a bit tricky! The game is created by a good friend of ours, Peder Joergensen. He also helped record the demo version of the song in the game, Weathervanes and Chemicals. He just got an idea about a game based on the title of the song. We’re just lucky he made such a great game. It’s a fun game for a fun song, both with a darker meaning to them, or something like that.

Fr: You guys are already building a reputation for energetic live shows. What do you feel is most important when playing to a large crowd? What separates Team Me apart from other bands and their live shows?
TM: The most important thing for us is just to have fun on stage, and just be who we are. That’s what we’ve done since day one. You won’t see us on stage with a fake smile or dance. We’re not trying to be any particular kind of band, just ourselves. People see through fake performances right away. No two bands are exactly the same, because there is only one of every person in the world. But, what specifically separates us from other bands, we’re not really sure.

Fr: Between your live shows and the video game, you guys obviously take fanbase interaction seriously. How important is fan interaction to an up-and-coming artist?
TM: It’s very important. Everyone in the band have had/has bands/artist/people they looked up to, listened to, followed and loved. So, we know the “fan-side” of things, and how it feels to get some kind of connection with those people. And we also think it’s an honor to have people taking their time to listen to us, and actually contact us to tell us they like our music. So, as long as we have time and can manage, we’ll answer everyone back. By having that kind of interaction with fans, we feel that we get a closer relationship with our fans, and hopefully they feel so as well and will continue to follow us.

Fr: Do you have any more media projects lined up to promote your music?
TM: We have a few ideas. But, we’ll have to see if everyone around the band is in on them.

Fr: I've listened to the EP. How long did it take to record and what was the most difficult thing about it?
TM: The EP took about 10-11 days to record. The most difficult thing about it was finding a direction for how it was going to sound. The first 6 months or so of the band, we were just playing the songs we had time to rehearse and play for every gig. Everything happened so fast, so we never really had the time to think about the sound of Team Me. So, that was the first time we had to figure that out. Did we find it…? We don’t know yet.

Fr: When can we expect a full-length LP?
TM: We’re actually in the studio recording our debut album at this moment! We’re producing it ourselves. It’s really exciting and a bit scary. The plan is to have a Norwegian release in September, I think. We don’t know more than that at this point.

Fr: I have read that Team Me originally started as a solo project but has now become a fully formed seven piece band. Did this happen gradually or suddenly?
TM: As everything with Team Me so far, it happened really quickly. It started with Marius having a song nominated for a best unsigned Norwegian act award. At the award every band had to play a live set. He didn’t want to do it alone, and called a few friends, and the band was formed. Since then a few of us had to quit to do other things, but we are now six crazy people ready to take on the world!

Fr: Who are your main influences? What inspires you guys to write music?
TM: We are six different people, with a lot of different influences. But, everything from early Norwegian black metal, via 60’s/70’s/80’s sounds, via alternative rock, to new pop/rock/folk/psychedelic/electronic/dance acts. You can probably hear many different influences in the songs. What inspires us to write music, is the same as most songwriters and artists I guess. Life, facts, fiction, moments, meeting/playing for different people in different places and music we like.

Fr: What are your longterm goals for Team Me?
TM: First of all finishing the album and then play live, and hopefully get to travel around to places we can meet and play for new people. Just keep on doing our thing, and see how far we can get.

Fr: Any chance we will see you perform in the States anytime soon?
TM: As of right now, as far as we know, there are no specific US plans, but hopefully we can come over there and play soon. That would be awesome!! That’s one of our goals.

Fr: Any advice to up-and-coming artists struggling to make it in the oversaturated 21st century music industry?
TM: I’m not sure if we know any good tricks or secrets or advice yet. We’re still really fresh fish in the pond ourselves. Be yourself, have something real and honest to present, and figure out a way to get people interested, and be connected to the internet. Or something like that.


  1. Interesting about the black metal influence. The game was also a little tricky.

  2. I agree. I really underestimated it because of my whole "any game primarily based on lateral movement is easy if you just go really fast" philosophy. I apparently need to rephilosophize my approach towards lateral gaming.