Monday, June 6, 2011

31Knots - Trump Harm

31Knots is a band based in Portland, Oregon by guitarist Joe Haege and bassist Jay Winebrenner. It was originally founded in Chicago in 1997. So needless to say they have been around for awhile. Along comes their new LP 'Trump Harm' which will be #7 on the bands resume. Trump Harm is released tomorrow June 7th via Polyvinyl Records. Check out the official video for the first single off of the album 'Candles on Open Water' and grab a free download below.

Overall it is kind of refreshing to hear a band like 31Knots keep going forward with what they love 7 albums deep. These guys deserve a little respect and from listening to the album they finally might get a little.

Candles On Open Water MP3

Trump Harm Track Listing:
1. Onanist's Vacation
2. Candles on Open Water
3. Middle Ages
4. Egg on My Face
5. A Lot Can Tell
6. Love in the Mean of Heat
7. Stand Up
8. Dark Control
9. Get Gone
10. One Tongue Room (Come to My Senses)

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