Wednesday, June 22, 2011

All Apologies.....

I just want to give a quick update on the Fake Plastic Tunes site and the direction we are headed. First off, yesterday we were tweaking with things on the site as far as formatting and styling go. Needless to say the site was a mess with inconsistency and changes happening hourly for most of the day. Well with our limited knowledge of how to format and design a site we kept making things worse and had to go get help from an outside source. A special thanks to our good friend Kim who helped us get out of a jam and clean things up yesterday.

Over the next couple of weeks things will be staying exactly as they are now on the site and we will remain on Blogger (blogspot). On Friday, July 1st we are planning on moving Fake Plastic Tunes up in the world with another new makeover and starting the process of switching the blog over to Wordpress. So on the July 1st weekend FPT will be heading to Wordpress and we will continue to move our little music blog upward and onward with no looking back. We also have a great team in place now with 5 different writers who all bring a variety of strengths to the table. We all have our own individual music taste and specific genres of music we love and trust. It should be a great second half of 2011 in the world of music and all things Fake Plastic.

Again "All Apologies" for yesterdays troubles...

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