Monday, June 27, 2011

Big Talk - Big Talk (The Killers - Ronnie Vannucci)

The Killers last release was 'Day & Age' back in 2008, and was the last we have heard from the band until now. They just did a show at the Hard Rock Calling in London and played some new material. Front man Brandon Flowers has dropped his solo effort 'Flamingo' last year and now drummer Ronnie Vannucci has his own solo project just around the corner.

His debut, 'Big Talk' solo album will see release on July 19th via Epitaph Records, and the lead single 'Getaways' was released back in May. Former Weezer bassist Matt Sharp and Ted Sablay (who has toured with The Killers) also helped out on the album. The first single 'Getaways' is heavily influenced by the famous Weezer sound. When listening to it you wonder if that is the direction of all the songs on the album and I think it is safe to say that it is not. 'The Next One Living' is out now via itunes and it is a lot different sounding and has more of a mellow chilled out vibe to it then the familiar Weezer sound.

From listening to the first 3 singles 'Getaways', 'The Next One Living' and 'No Whiskey' you get a feeling that this is a very consistent solo effort from Ronnie and the tracks have purpose.  Unlike Flowers solo project 'Flamingo' this takes a little different unfamiliar turn to what The Killers have already done in the past, which is a nice change up.  With the official release of  Big Talk not until mid July, we will have to wait and get a full appreciation of Ronnie's solo work.  Until then lets take a listen at what is already available.  And further down the line all of these solo projects and The Killers hiatus will come to an end and we will get some new work from the band as a full set. 

From NME 6/22/11 it appears 4 or 5 songs are already set to go for the 4th installment of The Killers.

The Killers have begun work on their fourth studio album and have already written a series of new songs, according to singer Brandon Flowers.

Speaking to Zane Lowe on BBC Radio 1 last night (June 21), Flowers said that the band had reconvened and were now working in earnest on new material.
Asked if the band had written any songs for the follow-up to 2008's 'Day & Age', Flowers replied: "We have about four or five. We've put them up on the board and they're sounding good. We think they're strong."

Big Talk Tracklist:
01. Katzenjammer
02. Getaways
03. Under Water
04. The Next One Living
05. Replica
06. No Whiskey
07. Girl At Sunrise
08. A Fine Time To Need Me
09. White Dove
10. Living In Pictures
11. Hunting Season
12. Big Eye

Big Talk - Getaways by Epitaph Records

Big Talk - No Whiskey by Epitaph Records

Big Talk - The Next One Living by thekillerslive

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