Friday, June 3, 2011

Brilliant Colors- Again and Again REVIEW

I hope that Brilliant Colors take no offense to catchiness- for what Again and Again lacks in thematic weight, it makes up for with infectious groove. Brilliant Colors debuted in 2009 with Introducing- a solid, fresh addition to Slumberland Records’ growing collection of Bubblegum Vintage Rock. Their new record, Again and Again, is as lo-fi melodic as Introducing- but is, all in all, a more seasoned affair suggesting a more focused band. Never one to overstay their welcome- or even come off the porch- their new album is characteristically brief clocking in at just over twenty-eight minutes. Despite the scant runtime, Again and Again feels quite complete due to a newfound sense of pressing urgency within the fast-paced distortion.

A Punk-inspired female trio from San Francisco, Brilliant Colors plays the role of sugary confidante. Each of the songs boasts a distinct pulse capturing a mood as fuzzy as the sound itself. There’s nothing really sexy about Brilliant Colors. But it’s hard to not develop a slight crush on their quirks regardless- for instance, the way lead singer Jess Scott sings as if she’s being coerced to read from a rhythmic teleprompter. The “riffiness” of Introducing is replaced on Again and Again by a more layered approach, initially deceiving upon the album’s first spin. There is genuine replay value here beyond the listener simply leaving it on loop by accident. Highlights like “Hey Dan”, "How Much Younger", and “Back to the Tricks” reveal Brilliant Colors at their most hypnotic and dreamy. As an album, Brilliant Colors’ Again and Again is fun first and ambition second. But the ambition has definitely been in training.



  1. This actually sounds really good!

  2. I agree it's some cool stuff. Definitely a band to keep an eye on.