Monday, June 13, 2011

Brilliant Colors- LIVE REVIEW

Last Thursday, Fake Plastic's very
own Fr. Jones set off to The Milestone in Charlotte, North Carolina to experience the lo-fi electricity of San Francisco garage rock trio Brilliant Colors. Suffice to say, they did not disappoint. The band throttled through the set showcasing newer material from Again and Again while still making room for a sprinkling from their freshman LP, Introducing. Like any good music performance, Brilliant Colors reaffirmed my enthusiasm for their catalogue. As for the Milestone itself- imagine From Dusk Till Dawn's vampire bar redecorated by Ellen Page's Juno hipster. It was a dynamite place for a live show- the house special that evening was $5 for a shot of Evan Williams and a 16 oz PBR. The first video clip below is "English Cities" from Introducing. The second clip is "Back to the Tricks" off Again and Again. Here is a link to my review of Again and Again as well as my Sound Check interview with Brilliant Colors. Kudos to Justin Schmidt for the dynamite camerawork.

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