Thursday, June 16, 2011

Buckethead - It's Alive REVIEW

Buckethead always continues to amaze me. Whether he is noodling with a banjo or wailing with Guns n’ Roses, Buckethead continues to release solid material that straddles the line of conventional and bizarre. Take for instance his recent album, It’s Alive. This album of new material begins with a song called, Lebrontron, which is, believe it or not, his fourth tribute to Lebron James the basketball player. This is one of the more straight forward tracks of the album in its more conventional song structure which resembles songs from previous albums like, Shadows Between the Sky or A Real Diamond of the Rough.

Either way, this first track has the characteristics of many of the songs that catch a lot of people off guard when they think and hear of Buckethead. People see the white mask and the KFC bucket on his head and are often blown away by the levels of emotion layered throughout much of his work. This is a guy that can shred with the hardest rockers and sooth with the softest soothsayers of the world.

It’s Alive has a combination of everything that fans have come to expect from a Buckethead album. Everything from his softer, mellower side to his more experimental flavors of funky metal. The great thing about this album as with all of his albums is that it offers a fresh take on what is capable on the guitar.

Buckethead, in my opinion, is one of the greatest guitarists on the planet. His speed, fluidity, perfection, and variety make him a force to be reckoned with in the axe department. Every single live video I’ve watched of his leaves me speechless with how precise his playing is. I am quite sure that if it came out that Buckethead is either a robot or alien from another planet, I would believe it. His playing is that good.

So anyway, yes, It’s Alive is another great addition to the large and varied Buckethead library being his 31st album released. This album was released on May 15th and is available for purchase from Amazon here.

Rating: 4 out of 5

Review by: Mark.HaTe


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