Thursday, June 16, 2011

Explosions In The Sky - Take Care, Take Care, Take Care REVIEW

Here is the The sixth album from the Austin post-rockers Explosions in the Sky, titled 'Take Care, Take Care, Take Care'. The album weighs in at only 6 songs total but you have to realize that these are no ordinary songs with the average song length being 7.5 minutes long. I know we are in a music age where peoples attention span is limited and any song over 3 minutes really tests our patience, but with Explosions you better make some time to listen to this and soak it all in. In this review I would like to more or less breakdown each song individually and give you a vision of how I interperate each track.

1. "Last Known Surroundings" - This is such a mind blowing homage to old-time guitar and drum combination. The tone of this song is so positive and uplifting - this is how the guitar should be played with 8+ minutes of instant gratification of guitar rock. One of my favorite songs of the year just an all around magical journey of sounds.

2. "Human Qualities" - This is more of a low key chilled out battle of guitars and drums. Easing you into the heart of the album. Another 8 minute performance that has you on the edge of your seat. And when it all comes together at the end of the song it is more or less Jaw dropping and you are left to say a big WOW!

3. "Trembling Hands" - It is the shortest song of the 6 at just over 3 minutes. If you are looking for lyrics/vocals from Explosions this is as close as you will get with "oh oh oh oh oh" muted chants rising from the background.

4. "Be Comfortable, Creature" - Here they come back with another 8+ minute beauty. The first few minutes the song is being set up with mellow guitar riffs and a softer drum set. After that just as the bands name states another "explosion" of sounds develops and once again fails to disappoint.

5. "Postcard from 1952" - This song is telling a story and what that story is well I guess it could be as the title suggest and about something from the year 1952 - but I like to think of it as opportunity to be a modern story one that is everyday life. Gives a sense that life is more of a journey then destination

6. "Let Me Back In" - The constant consistency of Explosions work once again shines through here. They bring all their perfectly constructed noises together and force you to really just sit back and enjoy the Beauty of their music.  A 10 minute song that closes the book on this perfect little 6 song set.

Explosions In The Sky's latest effort "Take Care, Take Care, Take Care" has really left me in awe. I have listening to this album on repeat over the past week and want to continue to dive back into it anytime I plug in my headphones to the ipod. It has had an effect on me similar to that of the first time I heard Sigur Ros. Although their music may be different the feelings I get while listening takes me to a somewhat magical place that can only be created by a select few artists and albums.


Take Care, Take Care, Take Care Track Listing:
1."Last Known Surroundings"
2."Human Qualities"
3."Trembling Hands"
4."Be Comfortable, Creature"
5."Postcard from 1952"
6."Let Me Back In"

Here is "Last Known Surroundings" - easily one of my favourite tracks of 2011.

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