Thursday, June 30, 2011

Falcon – Disappear REVIEW

Sometimes an album comes along at the right time and the right place to have a stronger impact than it might have had otherwise. This has nothing to do with the quality of the music as it has to do with my own musical tastes at any particular moment.

With Disappear, the first full length album by Falcon, the planets aligned and all the pieces of the universe happened to be placed together at the right place to make this an album that I really needed to hear to start off the beginning of summer. The beats are catchy and the vocals and guitars are appropriate for the material. Falcon both evokes moments of genuine emotion and then rocks like their hearts are on fire.

I needed an album like this that starts off strong with ‘Say Goodbye’ and moves through 10 songs of pure joy and emotion. Sometimes I’m reminded of the kickass nature of Nick Cave while other times I hear moments of real restraint and vulnerability reminiscent of Sparklehorse. Either way, these guys have a sound that is both familiar and new. This is comforting in an album and shows real promise. These guys aren’t breaking new ground with this album, but they do fit quite nicely alongside the best that indie and alternative rock has to offer.

The music industry as a whole is shifting and bands like Falcon are the future of what music in the country strives to be - independent and full of character and personality. People want nothing more than to feel something with the music they listen to and in a song like ‘My Heart is Good,’ vulnerable emotion exudes out of the speakers and creates relevancy for Falcon in a sea of pop and indie wannabe’s.

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Falcon – Disapear
Released May 17, 2011
Track List:
1. Say Goodbye
2. Terrified (Happy Days Are Ahead)
3. Stories
4. Key of Dreams
5. Disappear
6. Credit Cards
7. Worries
8. What Do You Know
9. My Heart Is Good
10. Elves

Band Members

Neil Rosen: Vocals, Guitar
Shannon Ferguson: Lead Guitar
Christian Bongers: Bass
Jason Molina: Drums

Rating: 4.25 / 5

Album Review By: Mark.HaTe

Standout Tracks:

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