Saturday, June 11, 2011

French Films - Convict

Just a quick post to showcase a new track from a favorite new band of mine. French Films released a new track titled "Convict" last week, that we will likely be seeing appear on their full length debut later this year.

They show such a talent for crafting their quasi surf rock tracks, making them undeniably catchy and ultra efficient with their brisk track lengths and delivery. Convict is a brilliant summer tune executed with their usual panache and music sense in tact.

Check them out on iTunes along with the "Golden Sea EP" mentioned in my previous post about the band.

1 comment:

  1. I'm a convict in a madhouse blues

    Trying to live by the silver rule

    I don't understand a word about

    Pension plans or saving accounts

    It's weekends and the nightlife tunes

    Dying lust in the smoking rooms

    They take whatever they make

    Heart fails or Jesus saves

    Now was it all I ever wanted too

    All I ever wanted too

    Flick through for a better view

    Screens get bigger for smaller news

    I'd like to love but it's a teenage dream

    And all the Biebers turn into junkies at nineteen

    Suits, ties and lies for good

    Black-eyed wives drinking Jack at noon

    Don't you miss your one last chance

    To lose everything for the dance

    Now was it all you ever wanted too

    All you ever wanted too

    Now was it all we ever wanted too

    All we ever wanted too

    Oh everybody's waiting for something

    But who's crawlin' to the right way

    Oh everybody's waiting for something

    Hiding from the devil in the morning