Monday, June 13, 2011

SOUND CHECK - Ghostland Observatory - Interview - (Twilight Concert Series PREVIEW)

Ghostland Observatory are part of the much talked about Twilight Concert Series here in Salt Lake City, UT and are set to perform here on August 18th.  As a new feature on FPT I want to get in touch with each of the bands coming to The Twilight Concert Series and give a little snippet of what the fans are in store for.  Fake Plastic Tunes very own James Brimacombe chats to the man in the cape 'Thomas Turner', from Ghostland Observatory.  We chat about creating your own Record Label, The Dallas Mavs, Lasers, more Lasers, and even more Lasers.  Turner gives his take on Festivals and what the people of SLC can expect once Ghostland Observatory hit the stage.

JB:  Describe the genre of music you would classify Ghostland Observatory as?
TT:  I would say there is rock, electronic, psychedelia, and experimental elements in our music.

JB:  How did your Record Label 'Trashy Moped Recordings' come about?
TT:  I always wanted to start a small, boutique experimental label so when we started ghostland it gave me the opportunity.

JB:  You guys are as true to your home state of Texas as a band can be. How important is your Texas fan base?
TT:  We love playing everywhere we go but Texas is our home. We started here so we hold our Texas fans close to our hearts.

JB:  Speaking of Texas - How about those Dallas Mavs?
TT:  It's about time. I remember the 80's and 90's when Dallas was always getting shut down. It's nice that they finally won.

JB:  Four albums in now, how has your sound evolved from until last years release of Codename: Rondo?
TT:  There has been an evolution. We wanted to be as different as possible when we started ghostland. It was important for us not to do the same record over and over. I think each record is ghostland but they are all very different from each other.

JB:  Your live shows are always NOT to be missed. What type of experience do you want your fans to take from one of your shows?
TT:  We want them to be full of joy after one of our shows. It is very important to us that people get the best performance every time they see us play. We want them to feel like they got every penny's worth of their ticket.
We put a lot of effort into the production and we have a great crew doing sound, lights, and lasers.

JB:  What kind of equipment do you traditionally use to create this experience?
TT:  We use a great entertainer " Aaron " and lasers and capes and synths and sequencers and anything else we can find.

JB:  Lasers and mirrors are a huge part of your live presentation, could you give a little detail into your obsession with lasers?
TT:  We just stumbled on them by chance but once we saw how it made the show much more 3 dimensional we were hooked. I think everyone really enjoys seeing lasers. They add so much to the show. It's as if each sound being made has it's own movement and color.

JB:  Being a Duo opposed to a bigger band - is it easier for Behrens and yourself to express your own individual ideas to each other?
TT:  I believe so. I think there is less concussion. It seems like bigger bands have to deal with more complicated things. I can't imagine scheduling rehearsal for 4 or 5 guys and having everyone agree and show up on time more less a month long tour.

JB:  Festivals seem to be a favorite of yours, why the love of the Festival? Does the vibe differ from that of an ordinary show?
TT:  Festivals are so live. There is little or no time to soundcheck and try to get things just right. You just have to set up and adjust as you go. Sometimes it's great on stage and sometimes it's shaky but the crowd doesn't care. They just want to have a great time. It's cool that way especially if you keep that in mind.

JB:  You guys will be here in SLC, UT as past of The Twilight Concert Series August 18th - What should Utah fans expect from your performance?
TT:  Dancing, sweating, lasers!

JB:  What is the first thing you think of when you hear Utah?
TT:  We've been through there a couple of times now and I think it's a really beautiful state. I love the mountains and the openness.

JB:  Back in March you battled Snoop Dogg as part of the Red Bull Soundclash. In your honest opinion who came out on top?
TT:  I can't say honestly. That was such a once in a lifetime experience and Snoop and his whole crew were so nice to us. That show and the process was so cool.

JB:  Lastly my 4 year old is a huge super hero fan - when we watched your Sad Sad City video she noticed your cape and asked your name. What super hero name do I give you?
TT:  Dr. Dust!

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