Thursday, June 30, 2011

Julian Casablancas - "Little Girl", "Rave On", "Boombox"

Here are a few tunes from The Strokes lead man Julian Casablancas. The first track 'Little Girl' was released last year and is really a pretty cool video and song.

The next song "Rave On" is a Buddy Holly cover song which is pretty cool sounding and definitely worth a listen.

The last song is "Boombox" which is more or less a joke of a song but still kinda cool to see Julian contribute to the song and break away from that cool guy approach and not be so serious.

Danger Mouse & Sparklehorse feat. Julian Casablancas - "Little Girl"

Julian Casablancas - "Rave On"

The Lonely Island "Boombox" (ft. Julian Casablancas)


  1. That version of 'Rave On' is fab. Sort of.

  2. Yeah he has been getting some nice compliments for the cover song. Pretty good stuff

  3. I love the little solo things Julian does just as much as his stuff with The Strokes. What did you think of Phrazes for the Young?

  4. Yeah I think Julian is pretty dynamic and I have always liked his solo efforts. I think alot of his dynamics were lost with The Strokes latest effort Angles - Just seemed lazy to me

    That being said I still adore The Strokes