Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Kaiser Chiefs - The Future is Medieval ALBUM PREVIEW

The British band Kaiser Chiefs just announced a new album titled 'The Future is Medieval'. This album is not your conventional album release there is a bit of a twist to the mix.  There is essentially 20 songs that you get to choose your own 10 songs and create your own artwork, and they even go as far as setting up your own website to sell your version of the album and offer you cash to do so.  At first I was thinking that this was a very lazy way to release an album but the more I thought about it the more I was intrigued by the idea.  Artists are now forced to find alternative ways to release their music and to build their fan base.  So much music hits the Internet daily that for a band to stand out above the rest it takes a little extra marketing strategy to do so.  Look at Radiohead's last couple of releases they explored various ways to market their own product and to get the true fans back in the game.  Kaiser Chiefs are doing the same thing here with this release concept, shaking up what a typical Album release has been in the past. 

You would hope that the music would speak for itself and a band would not have to drive sales with marketing stunts such as this but at the same time if the music is good and you offer something new to fans - Why Not?

Here is Kaiser Chiefs website where you actually go and create your own version of how you would like the album to sound. Scratch your head for a minute and sit back and let me explain.

Create your own version of our album and make £1 for each one you sell.
  • Select 10 songs out of 20
  • Design Your Cover
  • Pay £7.50 and download
You’ll get your own web page to sell it from if you want to. Visit the album H.Q. to browse other people’s albums. The Future is Medieval.

20 Tracks to choose from:
Little Shocks
When All Is Quiet
Out Of Focus
Starts With Nothing
Child of the Jago
Back In December
Problem Solved
If Your Will Have Me
Can't Mind My Own Business
Cousin In The Bronx
Coming Up For Air
Heard It Break
Fly On The Wall
Things Change
I Dare You
Long Way From Celebrating
My Place Is Here
Dead Or In Serious Trouble
Man On Mars
Saying Something

I guess you would call this the first single off the album???

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  1. its not working because they used to sell out all the big irish gigs but in dublin this time they only 3/4 filled the olympia which holds 1600 people and tickets were only 30e