Monday, June 20, 2011

The Kooks - Junk Of The Heart - ALBUM PREVIEW

The Kooks are back with a new track titled "The Saboteur". This is the first new music from the band since their last LP Konk back in 2008. They are in the midst of releasing album #3 'Junk Of The Heart' which will be released later this year on September 12th. Although 'The Saboteur' won't be on the new album it is still nice to hear a new tune from these guys. The album has been overseen by Beck, Air producer Tony Hoffer and was recorded in London and New York.

Junk Of The Heart is the band's first with new bassist Pete Denton, who has replaced founding member Max Rafferty in the group's line-up. The band have previously admitted that Rafferty left the group after struggling with drug addiction. Below is the track listing for the new album and a soundcloud listen of "The Saboteur".

Junk Of The Heart Track Listing:
01 - Junk of the Heart (Happy)
02 - How’d You Like That
03 - Rosie
04 - Taking Pictures Of You
05 - Killing Me
06 - Fuck The World Off
07 - Time Above The Earth
08 - Runaway
09 - Is It Me
10 - Petulia
11 - Eskimo Kiss
12 - Mr. Nice Guy

The Kooks - The Saboteur by egoFM

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