Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Lisa Savidge - Fire Exiting

There is often some very nice perks about running a music blog, and one of those happens to be having a inbox full of emails regarding new music. I know others in the music blogging community can be easily overwhelmed by the amount of volume they receive day to day. As for me right now I am grateful for all the artists, PR, Labels, and others in the music community that have taken the time to send over quality music to our little site called Fake Plastic Tunes.

One of the emails I received a few weeks back was in regards to this band - Lisa Savidge. I quickly read the bio and downloaded and added the attached song 'Fire Exiting' and then added it to my playlist. Well a few weeks later this song 'Fire Exiting' is on constant repeat and is a song that I have fallen in love with. It is a short little song coming in at just 3:04 minutes but the opening sounds of this song just instantly hook me in and I became a fan instantly. It is almost a feeling of Christmas when some stranger visits the blog and takes the time to drop me an email like this.

According to their bio they are a shoegaze/dreampop band out of Phoenix, AZ. They have been called everything from "The Cure meets The Clash" and "Explosions in the Sky mixed with Sebadoh" Their new Self-Titled album is their sophomore effort and has set them up nicely to gain a little exposure going forward. Here is a nice little interview from Indies and the Underground worth your time if you want to learn a little more about Lisa Savidge.

Here is the video for 'Fire Exiting' and a little description of how the video came about.
Constructed from over 1400 still frames, the video for Fire Exiting from the PP/FF EP (AKA Elk Cloner) and also the latest Lisa Savidge full-length record (self-titled). Big thanks to the cast for lending their time and creativity. Directed by Dan Somers, original artwork by Nick Gortari.

Here is some further listening of the bands Self-Titled second album
Lisa Savidge by Lisa Savidge

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