Thursday, June 16, 2011

The Mighty Sequoyah - Relative REVIEW

Utah has become quite the hidden gem for great local music over the past several years. With bands like Royal Bliss releasing albums through major record labels and touring the country, they are setting the stage for some really fantastic bands to release music and tour outside the beehive state.

The Mighty Sequoyah is just such a band that I feel has the potential to really break out of this goofy state of ours for some real outside attention. These young guys have recently released their first full album, Relative, and it truly is relative to the music scene of today.

The album begins with a short interlude that travels into the track, Lighthouse. The song has some phenomenal musical direction as the singer shows real restraint and control in his voice. The majority of the songs on the album follow a recipe of careful restraint followed by an all out release, and they are effective.

The song Ghosts is the real stand out track for me on the album. I believe it is as good as anything being played in the country right now and is easily one of my favorite songs this year. The simple guitar accompanied by a haunting singing voice tells a simple yet complex story of moving through life.

I do have to admit, though, that I am somewhat conflicted with this album. A couple of months ago I was first introduced to the band’s music when I heard a song on the radio station, KRCL. They played the song Holes in Your Hands and I loved it and went straight home to find it. I was able to purchase an EP titled Holes in Your Hands from Amazon and have absolutely loved the five songs it consists of. That being said, I find myself a little disappointed with Relative purely based on how strong the original EP is.

I can’t decide if it is a smart musical move to expand their release with mostly new songs, or a missed opportunity to not have included all of the songs from the EP as well onto this new release. Even with the song, Ghosts, I can’t help but like the EP version a little better. The direction is stronger and more emotionally poignant in the right places.

All that being said, I really do love the new album and encourage everyone to go here to purchase. This will be well worth the $5.00. Although I do highly recommend a purchase of their original EP, Holes in Your Hands if you are able to find it, being that I can no longer find it myself on Amazon.

So yes, these guys are the real deal with this album and I am thrilled to be able to review this album and show them some support as they embark on their recent tour. Let’s hope that this is only the beginning of a long career of making music.

Album ranking:

Relative - 4/5

Holes in Your Hands EP – 4.5/5

Album Review by: Mark.HaTe

Standout Tracks:

The Mighty Sequoyah "The Ghost of my Past" from Jordan Paul R on Vimeo.

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  1. okay- cool opinion, but i'm perplexed by your criticism regarding their choice not to put the songs from the "holes in your hands" ep on the new album. "I can’t decide if it is a smart musical move to expand their release with mostly new songs." isn't that the point of releasing a new album? new songs? why would a band perpetually rerelease the same old batch of songs? that seems boring. anyhow, cool review. :) -j.james