Sunday, June 19, 2011

New Writers at Fake Plastic Tunes - Welcome Mark and Justin

About Mark
Born, raised, and still resides in Utah.
Been a true music fan ever since my dad brought me to my first Grateful Dead concert when I was fourteen years old.

I have a pretty broad palette when it comes to the music I listen to, but I especially love blues, jam bands, grunge, and metal.
Current favorites:
Tom Waits, Tool, The Twilight Singers, John Frusciante, Matthew Good, Muddy Waters, Modest Mouse, Davy Knowles, Bob Weir, Jackie Greene, Hurt, Buckethead, Days of the New, and Mike Patton.

Writer: Mark HaTe

About Justin
Justin Schmidt spent his youth navigating the wilds of New Jersey Suburbia in the wake of the mid-90's grunge implosion. Despite being surrounded by these harbingers of cultural irrelevance, he managed to forge a healthy relationship with both his guitar and computer, and has since done his best to put them to good use. As fan of any music that is capable of makes one feel both sadness and exuberance, he is adamant in his belief that music in this century must be something different than it was in the last.

Writer: Justin Schmidt

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