Friday, June 24, 2011

Radiohead - Glastonbury 2011

NME is reporting that Radiohead are confirmed to play tonight at Glastonbury Park Stage at 8pm.

"It's now official - Radiohead are set to return to Glastonbury as the secret act on the Park stage today (Friday 24 June).

Some "special guests" are listed as set to play there at 8pm (BST) - and the Oxfordshire quintet's spokesperson has confirmed that it is Thom Yorke and co who will be performing.

Last year, to mark the 40th Anniversary of the festival, Yorke and Radiohead guitarist Johnny Greenwood surprised everyone with a secret spot on Park Stage, resulting in a completely packed field."

So all the thoughts on Live From The Basement being the first time we would hear the live versions of The King of Limbs can now all be put on hold and will have to take a backseat to the latest Glastonbury news. I am really looking forward to seeing what the set list is for tonight's show and if there will be any additional songs or insights about all things King of Limbs.

Also here is the link to watch Glastonbury live

UPDATE from Twitter
Radiohead told us that they wanted their set to be a special live moment for fans. They didn't want it to be filmed. Apols.

To Be Continued...

Radiohead Glastonbury 2011 (6/24/2011) Official Set List:
01 - Lotus Flower
02 - 15 Step
03 - Morning Mr Magpie
04 - Little By Little
05 - All I Need
06 - Separator
07 - Give Up The Ghost
08 - Arpeggi
09 - Staircase
10 - I Might Be Wrong
11 - Bloom
12 - Reckoner
13 - Daily Mail
14 - Street Spirit [fade out]

Props to @radioheadlive over at Twitter for the setlist updates

Check out Fr. post for more live Videos of Radiohead's 2011 Glastonbury performance here

Here is the latest reaction from UK's The Sun titled "Radiohead's poor show at Glasto"
"RADIOHEAD quashed the excitement of their surprise set by focusing heavily on their latest album.
The Oxford lads lost the crowd early on with a plethora of tracks from King Of Limbs.
Fans who had crammed into the Park Stage stood chatting among themselves as Thom Yorke and co self-indulgently experimented their way through their songs.
One fan was heard to shout "play some classics" as the band carried on unabated, too consumed with getting their harmonies spot-on.
They did include some oldies, but they didn't stretch far enough in to their back catalogue.
15 Steps provided some much needed relief, but overall an underwhelming display.
They should stick to doing this stuff in the confines of their garage..."

Here is some more reactions from Spinner
""We're all massively nervous about this," Yorke said as the band played '15 Step' off 2007's 'In Rainbows,' after many in the crowd had started chanting, "Louder!" The fans stretched up the hill, but the response was as cool as the weather during 'King of Limbs' tracks such as 'Little by Little.' The newer songs, it would appear, just don't have the effect of their 'OK Computer'-era peaks.
Luckily for Radiohead, the likes of 'All I Need' and 'Weird Fishes/Arpeggi' were clearly more familiar to rain-bedraggled festival-goers.
"It's brightening up tomorrow. So have a good night's sleep and take care of each other," said Yorke in a camp voice.
"We're here to get in free," Yorke added, saying the festival organiser Michal Eavis had said they should play if they wanted free tickets. And -- just as some of the crowd started filing away -- they started into 'Street Spirit,' a ghost from the summer of '97.
Well done them, for giving fans something in exchange for those free tickets."


  1. I think this is a pretty great little setlist. I do wish Codex would have been in the mix. Hopefully it won't be left out in any upcoming tour. I guess I will wait until July 1st to hear a live Codex version.

  2. Fuck The Sun, anyone writing for that shit wipe lie rag should have their tongue cut out and it's readers should have sodium poured in their eyes.

  3. It is a great setlist. Watch the performance for yourself -- the band was not phoning it in. It's an inspired performance of solid tunes. And as for the band's focus on the new album: 1) what's the problem with that? and 2) only 6 of the 14 tunes they played were from King of Limbs. Rag.