Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Radiohead - The King of Limbs REMIXES

So my last Radiohead post was from well I can't even remember, so I figured dropping a post about the upcoming The King of Limbs Remixes was in order. Radiohead's official website Dead Air Space left this message yesterday...

Over the summer, Radiohead will be putting out a series of 12” vinyl releases, using remixes of tracks from The King Of Limbs.

The first release on the 4th July, starts with Little By Little by Caribou and Lotus Flower by Jacques Greene.

They will be available at selected independent record stores and from www.radiohead.com via The King of Limbs tab.

So is this really the additional branches (songs) that I was so passionately writing about a few months back? It could very well be. I have to admit Remixes are not my favourite things in the world. It takes a selective band to be able to make most remixes worth my time. As for Radiohead and this collection of TKOL Remixes, I am definitely interested to see where the songs can go but at the same time wish that the "Additional Branches" would have been more inline with Supercollider and The Butcher. So July 4th (July 5th in North America) we get the first installment of the remixes with Little By Little and Lotus Flower, from there Ticker Tape will be releasing the remixes as we go. The releases will come out throughout the summer and be available through selective independent stores and on Radiohead's website.

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