Tuesday, June 28, 2011

The Rapture - In The Grace of Your Love - ALBUM PREVIEW

The Rapture’s third album, "In The Grace Of Your Love", will be released on September 6th via DFA Records. The artwork, track listing and first single 'How Deep Is Your Love?' have all been released so far. With the release of the new single the Internet has been abuzz with proclamations that The Rapture have returned to debut album form. The song is a very catchy upbeat dancy little number. Pitchfork gave it the nod for Best New Music, and Rolling Stone Magazine called it a “piano-sax-and-cowbell-powered disco epic that’s just like heaven,”

Their debut album 'Echoes' from back in 2003 gave us the funky sounds of  'House of Jealous Lovers'. We will have to wait until September to hear the rest of the album, but for now we can continue to enjoy the fancy 'How Deep Is Your Love' track. 

The Rapture - "How Deep Is Your Love" by Marco Collins

In The Grace Of Your Love Tracklisting:
01) Sail Away
02) Miss You
03) Blue Bird
04) Come Back to Me
05) In the Grace of Your Love
06) Never Die Again
07) Roller Coaster
08) Children
09) Can You Find a Way?
10) How Deep Is Your Love?
11) It Takes Time to Be a Man

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