Thursday, June 30, 2011

San Cisco - Golden Revolver EP - REVIEW

San Cisco are four 18 year old Australian band members that bring some big time indie pop sounds to the music scene. They are a band just barely out of high school and spend their time playing old school Nintendo 64 and skate boarding along with playing killer indie pop songs.

The opening title track 'Golden Revolver' is a giant sounding song. It showcases the band as a mature act and at no time do you question their age. The bands sounds mix well together and in the end a beauty of a song such as 'Golden Revolver' is born, making for a perfect sunny summertime tune. Next song up is 'Girls Do Cry' which allows the bands easy going, laid back nature to ease into their sound. Very chill song which continues to give off those summertime vibes.

Song #3 'John's Song' brings another laid back little indie song which the lyrics got stuck in my head "I'm going to see the world, I'm going to see it all". Next up is 'Spangled Streets' which to me was the highlight track. I love how the song starts out with the folky banjo sounds. It has the sense of a very sincere song, and gives some glimpses of what is to come from these guys in the future. San Cisco ends the EP with a cover of fellow Australian band - Tame Impala's 'Solitude Is Bliss'. The cow bells go wild on this cover track, which helps to show the band with a little extra edge. Overall I was rather pleased with this EP and I expect big things from these Australians in the future.


Golden Revolver EP Tracklisting
1 - Golden Revolver
2 - Girls Do Cry
3 - John's Song
4 - Spangled Streets
5 - Solitude Is Bliss

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