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After hearing their recent single 'Kids' I was determined to find out more about this new up and coming Manchester band.  We chat about the bands relationship to the hit movie Astro Boy, excessive touring, and the debut album 'Stuck In This Ocean' (which is set to be released this fall)

Here is the link to my Airship - Kids post from a couple of days ago

JB: Before Airship you guys were called "Astroboy" why the name change?
When we were Astro Boy we were very young, so when our sound started to mature we wanted a fresh start. Also Astro Boy was becoming a major film at the time so we didn't think we had much chance of keeping the name anyway.

JB: Being such a young band do you feel there is any added pressure on you guys?
Not at all. I think in a lot of ways we don't feel young because we've all been playing in bands since we we're 16, so sometimes you have to slap yourself and remember your only 22 and everything is going well.

JB: The constant touring with the likes of Editors, Biffy Clyro, Frightened Rabbit how has this helped your sound and direction as a band?
I think its helped push the direction of the band in terms that its given us the drive to push for that step up. We want to be playing those venues ourselves not as a support. When your on a tour that size like Editors or Biffy you can imagine how you would do things differently if it was your show and production, that really excites me. In terms of sound its definitely made us a lot tighter you have to bring your A game when your playing in front of thousands of people.

JB: You released your debut EP 'Algebra' last year to rave reviews - How does the debut album 'Stuck In This Ocean' differ?
I think they differ alot Stuck in This Ocean is much fuller and diverse sounding record. It features two tracks from the E.P which have both had an overhaul. In fact there is no comparison, the album is in a different league.

JB: Speaking of 'Stuck In This Ocean' is there a track listing yet or any set release date?
Yes the track list is finished but i can not reveal it. The release date will be 5th September.

JB: I take it the new single 'Kids' will be on the new album, can you give a preview of what else to expect from the album?
Yes Kids is on there as well a few others from across the two E.Ps. As far as what to expect all i can say is its a musical journey, the album feels very much like album and should be listen to as a whole piece to really experience its magic.

JB: Stuck In This Ocean was recorded in just 15 days - What was the process and how was this made possible?
We we're very prepared when we went in to make the album with Dan. We had been on tour right up until we went in and on the day we finished we went straight out with Biffy so we had to be ready. We really wanted it to be a live sounding record, so the main thing was getting the four of us in a room playing together and just bashing the songs out.

JB: I am a big Doves fan and a fan of your producer Dan Austin. Talk to me about the experience of having Dan produce this album.
Dan was amazing there really couldn't of been better person to this record. He knew exactly what we wanted to do and knew how to execute it in the little time we had. He was so prepared for everything, like for example he knew we wouldn't like using headphone in the studio which we don't so he managed to hook a P.A up in the live room so it felt like we we're playing a show. I've never seen that in any studio before. He was very intense and excitable which was exactly what we needed after playing some of these songs for a couple of years he was able to make them feel new and exciting again. It was a breath of fresh air.

JB: I was reading that you had specific goals on how you wanted your debut album to sound. How hard was it to stick to your own agenda and not be influenced by the Major Record Labels?
I don't think we had specific goals as such we just wanted it to sound like us playing in a room, i think we definitely achieved that and more it now sounds like us playing in a big room. We wanted to push these songs to their limit. Fortunately for us we made the record before we fully had a label on board so no one had any say in anything except for us and our close team.

JB: The modern day music industry seems to push singles and individual songs and pay little attention to albums as a whole - How does your work on 'Stuck In This Ocean' compare to this strategy?
It doesn't i don't think we've made a record for the modern market in that sense. We've made a record for ourselves, all we wanted to do is make a full album which works together as a whole and that was the only thing that mattered to us. There are a few songs which can be pulled from that body of work that will work as singles but it is definitely a body of work.

JB: With music overload on the internet these days - what type of advice do you have for other bands trying to make it?
Just keep going, keep doing your thing. Its all about working hard and writing. Write as many songs as you can at least 1 out of 100 will probably be good.

JB: Lastly, Is it an advantage or disadvantage being a band from Manchester?
Its a bit of both i guess, i love Manchester its a brilliant city which has a really creative vibe. But unfortunately there is still a little bit of a hangover from its musical past. It does seems to be changing though and that can only get better with time, the majority of the city seems to be over it and ready for new exciting bands.

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