Saturday, June 4, 2011


San Francisco rock trio Brilliant Colors and Fake Plastic's very own Fr. Jones shoot the breeze about their new album, undiscovered artists, warm PBR, and the differences between male and female rockers.

Here is the link to my review of Brilliant Colors' Again and Again.

FR: So you guys are knee-deep in the live circuit. I hope to make it out to a show soon. What’s your favorite venue to play in live?
BC: anywhere all-ages! i love sugar mountain in oakland, a warehouse with a 75 cent beer machine. your proceeds go to pay for the "in-house" toilet paper.

FR: What’s the most difficult part about the live circuit? And how do you prepare for it?
BC: i don't really know if we're on a "circuit" per se as we've actually be quite crap at touring compared to most bands we know, given shitty cars and full-time work. a boss tuner that you can keep plugged in is essential if you're playing a cheap guitar , in my experience.

FR: I’ve been listening to Again and Again and I’ve noticed a slightly different sound than Introducing. Has the band approach to recording changed now that you have that first album under your belt?
BC: the recording was actually literally the same: same studio, same guy manning the faders, if not under much worse circumstances--and yet it's obviously better. i was more focused writing these songs and having the three of us produce the sounds. there are more guitars on most of the tracks, and the 12-string makes another modest appearance. after tinkering on my 4-track beforehand, this seemed vital for maximum dreaminess. i think obviously diane, who picked up drums just for this band, and i have been playing longer and playing together longer now. michelle was and is still able to blow any bassist to shreds.

FR: Brilliant Colors is known for being musically tight. Do you set out to make each track as lean and efficient as possible?
BC: yes yes yes. we all have a fly's attention span. i'd rather die before i had it drag. most of the tightness is due to just the pure talent of diane and michelle, i can rely on them for keeping my swirling spastic style in a purposeful stride.

FR: Did you guys have any other individual career aspirations before you “made it”?
BC: oh man, have you been to "it" lately? cos "it" consists of about 2 interviews a year, and some warm PBR if we make it clear we're not the girlfriends, we're the actual band.

FR: How did Brilliant Colors officially get started?
BC: in 2007 i cried until john garmon and holly retzinger started a pop band with me. we practiced and recorded the first two singles in john's basement in west oakland. diane and michelle were rolling by about new years of 2009?

FR: As a band of females, how do you most think that is reflected within your music?
BC: for starters, it's original. the only song i know how to play besides BCs is "tally ho" by The Clean. girl musicians don't really study Gods like boys do, we just want something good to listen to on Sundays.

FR: Did you have any specific musical influences growing up?
BC: way way way way way too many to ever list. we're all into punk. i think my favorite band is the Shop Assistants. we took a picture with marlene from Kleenex once. and there's a song on Again and Again about Patti Smith. we're on a label run by Black Tambourine. we surround ourselves today with those figures important from growing up.

FR: What current artists do you guys admire? Who is saving music?
BC: all our friends! sf has had some great stuff to show for pop in recent years. i'll forget someone--inevitable in "the list"--but i can say we all love our UK tour-mates La La Vasquez, diane plays in Livid and Nose Dive and i love seeing them, i'm really into that new Belfast band Girls Names' LP, Veronica Falls and Proper Ornaments are seriously blowing off the pop roof out in London, we're about to tour with the Beets, Dunes from L.A. are forever spooky, Neonates from L.A. are ruling, Weird TV, Milk Music, and Gun Outfit from Olympia are crushing it, our own Mantles will always be jangling around town i hope....and record labels like Make-A-Mess, M'Lady's, Sex Is Disgusting, and Slumberland are doing their part to save the world.

FR: In your humble opinion, who is the best act no one has heard of?
BC: see the true style of today's bedroom punks listed above.

FR: Any advice to up-and-coming artists struggling to make it in the 21st century music industry?
BC: don't google yourself.

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