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Fake Plastic's very own Fr. Jones shoots the breeze with Josh Mayer aka Ooah of The Glitch Mob about communal live shows, the nature of the beast, and creating your own vision.

Here is the link to my review of The Glitch Mob's Drink the Sea.

FR: I've been listening to Drink the Sea a lot recently and find it to be a really dark, heavy experience. That's actually one of the reasons I enjoy it so much. Did you guys set out to make a dark album or was this something that developed in the moment?

JM- Drink The Sea was just an expression of what all three of us were going through during the 9 month write time, it wasn't intended to be dark or heavy or light or happy, it was just something that came out from all of us as a full e
xpression of the feelings and emotions we were living day to day.

FR: Is this dark tone going to be a recurring theme for the Glitch Mob?

JM - We tend to not stick to one particular theme, we always love trying new things, tempos, styles, feelings, stories... Each of us are filled with so many different ideas that there is always bound to be a trick or sound we haven't tried yet.

FR: Do you have a favorite song from Drink the Sea?

JM - It's really hard to say, not to sound boring but I love them all. If I had to pick I'd say Fortune Days, most probably because I love to play it live.

FR: I've heard varying stories. How exactly was the Glitch Mob formed?
JM - That's another one of those hard to say moments... but I think it was based around a common love of music, especially bass heavy mid tempo electronic music. We had all three met through the west coast beat music scene because we were getting booked to dj the same parties back to back. Then I think one night we decided to just play one long mash up dj set... from there it just grew to playing more and more shows together, then into writing music together in our studios, to now as a full entity and vision!

FR: Since the Glitch Mob has "made it", have your views on the music industry changed?

JM - The music industry was in need of a change I believe and we are down to go on that ride and use all the tools out there to help spread our music to the world. I was never partial to the music industry one way or another, all I know is that we have been a group from day one to do it all ourselves and work hard to get the music out there organically. With so many forms of social media, etc it is possible to really create your own vision and give back to the fans. We can really interact and participate with our fan base, and take it away from the label side of things to just us artists being the ones that run our own ship.

FR: Hopefully, there is a long career ahead for the you guys. How do you see the music industry further developing in this time?

JM - Thanks, it's hard to say though, you just never know how things will change so we just enjoy what we got now and make the best of what we do to help create an unforgettable experience. The music industry will always change and I'm sure we will too, it's just the nature of the beast.

FR: I plan on seeing your show this July in Atlanta- looking forward to it. What do you feel is the most important part of a live show from your genre of music? What sets a Glitch Mob show apart from other electronic artists?

JM - I think the most important part of the whole show is the feeling that everyone is there together as an experience, to make everyone feel a part of the whole team. We love crowd participation and really getting a chance to talk to our fans before and after the shows.
As for as the technical side, we are extremely picky about the way it sounds sonically for the audience so we spend many many hours dialing in every aspect of the live set to give the listener a full body audio experience!

FR: What equipment do you primarily use? How does the Glitch Mob prepare for a live show?

JM - Our main performance tool right now is the Jazz Mutant Lemur, it's a touch screen tablet that allows us to play every part of our songs through custom built pages of buttons, sliders, triggers, effects, etc. We also each use two Roland V-Drum snares to play all the drum sounds and to also trigger different effects and sounds. We else do we use... Hmmmm... Trigger Fingers, MPDs, iPads every now and then... That's about it until find some other new controller we can geek out on.

As for prep... Many many many hours in the studio tweaking sounds and building an extremely complex Ableton Live set, I won't even begin to get into that part... hahaha ...and many hours of practice!

FR: You are touring with Phantogram this July. How do you feel about their debut, Eyelid Movies?

JM - We are all three big fans and that's why we are having them on board the tour! We are really pumped to tour with them!

FR: Needless to say, the Glitch technique has defined you guys as artists. Do you ever see yourselves experimenting beyond this? Or do you feel that Glitch will always play a role in whatever sound you choose to make?

JM: Like I said earlier, we have so many ideas and styles we enjoy messing around with so I don't think sticking to one particular thing is in the cards for us. We'll start working on a new album soon so we'll see how that starts to play out :)

FR: Who are your major musical influences?

JM: So many really... Everything from The Beatles and Zeppelin to White Stripes to Jay-Z to Massive Attack to Nine Inch Nails

FR: Any advice for up-and-coming artists struggling to make it in the 21st century music industry?

JM: Stay true to what you really wanna create! Tell your story no matter what it is... Follow your heart, there lies your passion!

Josh Mayer // Ooah

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