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Readymade Breakup's Paul Rosevear and Gay Elvis shoot the breeze with Fake Plastic's very own Fr. Jones about solid hooks, music from the heart, cockroaches, and new responsibilities.

Here is the link to my review of Readymade Breakup's self-titled third album.

FR: First off, you guys have a pretty clever band name. I guess by default, you have a pretty clever album name too. What made you guys decide on Readymade Breakup?
Paul: Our old guitarist's friend used to go jogging with girls and then hook up with them and we wondered how did he do that so consistently, did he have a jogging makeout kit? Perhaps it was a readymade makeout kit? And then from there it just got tweaked to Readymade Breakup. And it also kind of means that sooner or later all bands go the way of the dodo.

FR: Where and how did you start out? I’ve heard varying stories from New Brunswick to Hoboken to Jersey City.
GE: Every band starts out in the same place and ours was no exception -- "the basement,” and ours was in Paul's parents' basement in North Brunswick, NJ.
Paul: We came out of the Asbury Park scene for the most part. I met GE through a friend of a friend and we were both into the same bands and we had a good rap from the start. I remember some of those parties in the early days down at Belmar and people would be passed out, a whole house full of people just laid out & GE and I would be up drinking floaters, shooting the bull, talking about music like two old men out in rocking chairs on the porch.
GE: I guess if you define your location by where you did the most gross stuff, then yes...we were by far the grossest in Asbury.

FR: Readymade Breakup is your third studio album. Do you have a favorite song thus far in your catalogue to play live? How about a favorite song in general?
Paul: Lately my favorite songs to play are Erased and Unzip My Face. Favorite tune ever is tough, maybe Marie by Randy Newman or Wonderful World by Louis Armstrong.
GE: I would say for me it would also say Erased. It seems to be the one that gets the strongest reaction from the audience and it's a very challenging song to sing live. Damn, Marie has to be pretty high on my list too...Not Wonderful World though, that song's way too Muppety for me. Paul you've always had a thing for the Muppets.

FR: Who are some of your musical influences?
Paul: I think we're all fans of solid hooks and songwriting. And then it veers off from there... I like singer songwriters and Americana folk blues etc...Spicy likes some metal and LA style pop stuff. I think Spice and I meet in the middle at Aerosmith.
GE: I pretty much only like four bands Jellyfish, the Beatles, the Descendents and ALL...and three really when you think of it considering Descendents and ALL are the same band with different singers. For bass playing I've always asked myself, what would McCartney do and tried to combine that with a little Karl Alvarez. Jim, he likes country music and indi rock bands i've never heard of, but are probably huge.
Paul: And we all love Metallica.

FR: What current artists do you admire? Who is saving music?
GE: This is a good question for Jim...I'll text him
PAUL: Tyler the creator, AA bondy, the Black Lips
GE: He just texted back
Jim: Current Artists: the damnwells, bon iver, manchester orchestra, gaslight anthem, civil wars, mumford & sons and Saving Music: : "anyone willing to make honest music from the heart, not pandering to trends" ie. Nada Surf, Pearl Jam.

FR: In your humble opinion, who is the best band out there that no one knows about?
Paul: Hmmm, I don't think I know about them either
GE: I better text Jim on this one too...
GE: Jim never texted back.

FR: I’ve read that a couple of you now have started families of your own. How has this changed your approach to music?
GE: It hasn't necessarily been family per say, but each one of has taken on new responsibilities over the past couple of years that has presented challenges.

FR: Was there a noticeable change in outlook when recording your latest album because of this?
GE: I needed to take a break from going on the road to figure out how to be a dad/husband and what time if any i'd have left over to devote to making music. We used this period to write and record LP3, which we went in to with the same outlook we always have, to make our best record and in my opinion...mission accomplished. It wasn't until after LP3 was in the can that the outlook changed or at least we were forced to realize that the outlook needed to change. Apart from my goings ons...Paul was married now, Jim went back to college full time and Spicy was promoted and promoted and promoted at work.

FR: Do you currently have any shows scheduled where new fans can see you?
Paul: Not at the moment but hopefully soon. We've all been real busy but we're planning a Lobster-Corn Fest 2011 this summer in GE's backyard where we're going to grill Lobster and Corn and just hang out and play.
GE: Seemingly family life, college and career has stopped us dead in our tracks for the moment, but Readymade Breakup is kind of like a cock roach...you can squash us with your foot, but we'll keep on going. Actually i think the metaphor is...you can set off a nuclear bomb and the only thing that would be left on earth is cock roaches, so we're like that...or is it that lobsters are the cockroaches of the sea. I don't know, something got me thinking about roaches.

FR: Any plans for an LP4? And if so, where do you think your sound goes from here?
Paul: Hmmm... I would like to record Lobster Corn 2011 live and see what magic we can strip from that.
GE: I don't want to just limit ourselves to writing and recording music...I'm hoping that we can branch out in to some of the smaller grilling competitions and then with a little luck take it all the way to nationals baby!

FR: Any advice to up-and-coming artists struggling to make it in the 21st century music industry?
GE: It's always a bit weird for a band in our position to offer advice...Probably better off to say a tip where one can learn from our mistakes. The music industry continues to change, but I think there's one principal that always remains the same. Don't over saturate your own market, go out on the road as far as you can as often as you can.
Paul: Update your maps.

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