Thursday, June 9, 2011

Strausz- Zombies Are Making Love REVIEW

Boasting a madcap zaniness that makes MGMT’s Congratulations seem humdrum in comparison, Brazilian electronic artist Diogo Strausz arrives with his debut EP, Zombies Are Making Love. If that title were not enough, it actually represents the artist’s underlying theme. Yes, this is a concept album- about zombies… making love. Nostalgic music snobs who yearn for the traditionalism of yesteryear, be sure to check your artistic taste at the door. For almost thirty minutes, Strausz assaults the listener with an oddly compelling mixture of electro-trance, Mariachi solos, Atari digitalism, zombie moans, and Moriconne-inspired western atmosphere.

The album is designed to flow from one track to the next in the techno-vein of traditional club music- a technique beneficial to the album’s cinematic influences. Divided into six acts (ACT I- Candle Flames, ACT II- Zombie Hunting, etc.), Strausz makes an admirable effort to stick to some semblance of a running narrative. Occasionally this works- most notably on the faster-paced exciting tunes such as "ACT III- The Duel", which features a Tarantino-esque homage to Leone films before shifting into a driving Survivor/”Eye of the Tiger”-type guitar solo- by the way, this of course is all superimposed over an audio sample of zombie noises which climaxes in an unintelligible falsetto. Sometimes Strauz, though, uses a voiceover monologue to describe the action. It is only in these moments where Zombies Are Making Love comes across as merely silly- which in itself is a compliment to Strausz. Believe it or not, Zombies is mostly fun and rarely absurd. Albums like this (?) constantly run the risk of self-awareness. The artist must always keep their tongue planted firmly in cheek. If not, the exercise devolves into novel gimmickry which ultimately becomes pointless and boring. Strausz is largely successful on this front because he retains focus while never taking himself too seriously. A fast-paced, exciting collage of various genres, perhaps Tarantino was an apt comparison. Not Pulp Fiction/Inglourious Basterds Tarantino of course- but those who enjoyed the director’s schlocky, grindhouse pairings with Robert Rodriguez (From Dusk Till Dawn, Planet Terror) will no doubt find much to love with these Zombies.

Zombies Are Making Love by Strausz

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