Thursday, June 2, 2011

The Vaccines - LIVE REVIEW - SLC, UT 5/31/2011

What better feeling is there then to go to a show of a Band that you have been talking about and hyping up for months. The Vaccines are a band that have taken me by storm so far this year. Their Debut album "What Did You Expect From The Vaccines?" just hit States side May 31st, 2011 and which so happened to be the date The Vaccines were touring in my city - Salt Lake City, UT. There is no better way to expose yourself then by opening for Arctic Monkeys on their current North American Tour. The Vaccines also played Letterman a couple of weeks ago and are slowly starting to take the USA by storm.

I believe their debut album is a lot like The Killers debut 'Hot Fuss', and I wouldn't be surprised if the album and the Band take a simalar road to them. As an album it is very complete and one that can be listened to from start to finish over and over again. I know that personally this is an album that has kept me coming back again and again over the past few months (Yep that is right I have an import version of the album that I have been sporting for sometime now). As far as when I first heard that The Vaccines were going to tour with Arctic Monkeys and come through SLC I was thrilled. I was more excited to see The Vaccines then The Monkeys and couldn't wait to hear them perform their songs live.

Their live set was very direct and to the point. They played their songs like a rocker should - just pounding them out and acting like playing live is no big deal. The setting at In The Venue was perfect to get an up close look at what could very well be a band that is on the verge as one of their hit songs suggest to "Blow It Up". I took 3 different videos from this SLC performance and have uploaded them on Youtube and also placed them below to get a feel for what their live sound sounds like. 'Wetsuit' was a highlight in my opinion and the video below is a great example of how they play their songs live. Their newest single 'All In White' was also very good live. Their set was pretty quick as they only have 12 total songs from the Debut album. Once these guys put together a couple of more albums I can see them really putting on a great show and could be in line for the next arena show act.

I really just enjoy their simple, direct and to the point style of performing their songs. To start with the music and album are great quality tunes and while performing the songs live they feel that there is no need to add gimmicktry or tricks or any additional bells and whistles to their act. They give you their honest effort in playing their music which in the end it speaks for itself.

Here is my review of "What Did You Expect From The Vaccines?" album

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