Friday, June 3, 2011

Viva La Banal Irrelevance

Only Coldplay could release a single called "Every Teardrop Is a Waterfall" with a straight face- and then presumptuously expect the world to listen to this prepackaged thoughtfulness with the same straight face. What's happening here is fairly interesting because it is essentially the backwards version of The King of Limbs. Whereas Radiohead derived metafluence from genres dictated by the collective sway of their personal catalogue- Coldplay is merely recycling their own sound with a seeming disregard for anything resembling forward movement and development. This is actually nothing new. If you wanted to pinpoint the exact moment when Coldplay doubled back on themselves and Reverse Metafluence kicked in, it was about halfway through A Rush of Blood to the Head (the first 50% of that album is very, very good) when Chris Martin launches into "The truth is/I miss you." From that point forward, Coldplay became projectile vomit of all that had come before it. Look no further than the plagiarizing awfulness of X&Y. To be fair, all other preceding moments were more or less a strict regurgitation of that tasty U2/The Bends cocktail- which featured an unhealthy fixation on Radiohead's "High and Dry" (seriously, guys-- move on). In essence, an overabundance of straightforward metafluence can cause sound to evaporate- which is evident on The King of Limbs. But an overdose of Reverse Metafluence yields the opposite effect- music that is flagrantly sopping wet, hence: Coldplay. I could go on. But it's Friday! So without further adieu-- here's the cannibalistic bile known as "Every Teardrop Is a Waterfall".


  1. Haha totally agree with this James. It's a miracle to me that they're not one of the most hated bands out there considering everything that's happened with them. I honestly couldn't listen to more than 45 seconds of this song.

  2. This is actually Fr. Post. As for me I am somewhat of a Coldplay fan (There first couple of albums anyways). I can see why people dislike them though but I am not a hater