Monday, June 27, 2011

Wilco - The Whole Love ALBUM PREVIEW

Wilco have a brand spankin new single 'I Might' that was just released at the Solid Sound Festival. The new single was released on Wilco's own dBpm Records label and was distributed directly at the Festival. The very limited 7 inch single also includes the B-Side 'I Love My Label' which is a Nick Lowes cover song. Wilco will make the 7" available July 19th to all others not able to attend Solid Sound.

As far as any additional information on Wilco's new album there is a lot of speculation. 'I Might' is rumored to be a part of the new album which will also be released on Wilco's new label dBpm. The title of the new album is still a little unclear but when Tweedy visited WRSI he hinted the title to be The Whole Love. The new album is due out in September

There is an abundance of new material as the group has recorded over 20 songs in their north side loft. Tweedy had this to say about the songs...

"There are two strong threads of material, one being a little weirder - snot-nosed obnoxious pop songs - and the other more languid, atmospheric-country music."

They played 5 new songs at Solid Sound according to Stereogum - I Might, Whole Love, Born Alone, Dawned On Me, Standing O? Check out 'Dawned On Me' and 'Born Alone' below, it is a good possibility that these songs along with 'I Might' will be featured on Wilco's 8th studio album.

The Whole Love will be released on September 27. The album will consist of 12 songs. The recent single 'I Might' will be part of the 12 along with 'Dawned On Me' 'Born Alone' 'Standing O' and 'Whole Love' that were featured at Solid Sound. Also they have announced a full tour schedule as well with 29 stops, and sure to be more added.

The Whole Love Tracklisting:
01. Art of Almost
02. I Might
03. Sunloathe
04. Dawned On Me
05. Black Moon
06. Born Alone
07. Open Mind
08. Capitol City
09. Standing O
10. Rising Red Lung
11. Whole Love
12. One Sunday Morning (Song For Jane Smiley’s Boyfriend)

I Might

The Whole Love

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