Friday, June 17, 2011

Y LUV - How Chill Can You Let Go EP - REVIEW

Y Luv are new to the music scene and have just released an EP titled 'How Chill Can You Let Go' which is available on their bandcamp page for Free. What Y Luv bring to the table is a band that is bursting with pop songs and melodies. This is the type of sound that has been getting so many excited in the indie pop era. All around 'How Chill Can You Let Go' is an easy to listen to EP filled with big Pop sounds. Surely Y Luv is a band that we will hear from again very soon.

The first song 'All Night' is a poppy/dance giant that fits perfectly right beside the already acclaimed Foster The People. This is the type of song that can really help hype up a modern day band such as Y Luv. Next song up is 'Never Touch The Ground' and it continues to stick with the 'All Night' formula, and is a very good song. I would have to say this would be my favorite song from the EP because of its honest leave it all on the table mentality.

The middle tune 'Feel Sound' was a little over the top poppy for my taste. I can see what they wanted to accomplish with such a song but to me it seems a little forced and has the effect of trying to hard (In other words I find it a bit of a lackluster track). 'Be Free' is song number 4 and goes along the lines as 'Never Touch The Ground' track. It is a cleaner more honest/refreshing song. The band does not try as hard with this song and in return the sound is much more enjoyable. The last song on the EP 'Super Heavy' seemed to be a little dull for my taste compared to what came before. You get a sense that they are trying to push Super Heavy into more of a rock song and get away from the indie pop sound.

All and all Y Luv deliver with a very enjoyable 5 song EP that at the end of the day leaves you wanting to know more about the band and what is to come in the future. 


How Chill Can You Let Go Track Listing:
1 - All Night
2 - Never Touch The Ground
3 - Feel Sound
4 - Be Free
5 - Super Heavy

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