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Tribes - "We Were Children", "Sappho", "Nightdriving"

Tribes are yet another British band that I have a close eye on. They are a four piece rock band out of Camden, London, and have one EP under their belt which features the songs 'We Were Children', 'Coming Of Age', 'Girlfriend' and an acoustic version of We Were Children. They have drawn some comparisons to a Nirvana sound, along with a touch of The Libertines. The first single 'We Were Children' caught my attention back a couple of months ago and really got me curious about these guys. Now they have an additional video out for 'Sappho' and a demo of 'Nightdriving' which is floating around online as well. The 'Nightdriving' tune confirmed my initial opinions of the band offering a catchy sound and beat.

Head over to Tribes official website and grab a free download of 'Nightdriving/Useless God'.

Also check out FPT's post back in May - Tribes - We Were Children

Friday, July 29, 2011

Edward Sharpe and The Magnetic Zeros - Live Review

Before Edward Sharpe and The Magnetic Zeros took the stage for The Twilight Concert Series on 7/28/2011, I asked a fan that was standing front and center this question... "How long were you waiting to get that spot?" The reply was "I hate crowds so I got here early 3pm to be exact". I replied back "well just don't turn around and the crowd will not be a problem for you". The crowd was the biggest of the first 3 weeks of the Concert Series, and I would estimate it somewhere in the 40,000+ range.

Edward Sharpe, frontman Alex Ebert started the chaos early with a jump into the crowd on the 2nd song of the night 'Janglin'. One thing you need to know about The Magnetic Zeros is that they have a stage presence to die for. A live show with these guys is just a giant party, with music being played with a purpose. When you look to the stage you see a great big musical instrument frenzy, and the best part is the noise the band makes with all those instruments. One thing is for certain, Alex is a dynamic frontman that takes pride in his band and music. He is all about getting the fans involved and trying to connect with them on a personal level.

'Home' was the second to last song even though after the first song '40 Day Dream' the crowd was chanting for it. Alex explained "we have to have some build up to it... Then we can take you 'home'. Another highlight on the night was Alex encouraged the crowd to be quiet so they could do an acoustic version of 'Lean On Me'. It didn't work the way he expected as the crowd was so large those in the back and sidelines were more concerned with socializing trying to get a beer or find out where their buddy was at. This is always the constant complaint when attending the Free Concert Series at Pioneer Park. It is sad but true, when you offer something for Free everyone is going to show up whether it is for the music or just the socializing.

The stage presence of The Magnetic Zeros is phenomenal, it has almost a hypnotizing effect. One of the most amazing things I find about The Magnetic Zeros is the fact that they only have the one album from 2009 'Up From Below' but yet they continue to tour and the music just never gets stale. The night ended perfectly with the two songs 'Home' and then 'Om Nashi Me'. Just as Alex and the band left us last night I am going to do the same....

"Om nashi me
I love you
And I love you forever
And I’m loving you now"

Check out our full Photoshoot over at FPT's Facebook Page

Philip Selway - Running Blind (Live Session)

If you are looking to hear something that resembles Radiohead while listening to Philip Selway's solo stuff you are going to be hard pressed. This live session featuring the new song 'Running Blind' showcases Phil's talents as more then just the drummer of the world famous band Radiohead. The Running Blind EP is available now from Bella Union on 10" vinyl and digital download and on August 30th in the USA & Canada through Nonesuch.

Running Blind EP Tracklisting:
01 What Goes Around
02 Every Spit and Cough
03 Running Blind
04 All In All

Here is a little interview with Phil discussing his solo career and Radiohead tour.

Thursday, July 28, 2011

How to Dress Well- Just Once EP REVIEW

It seemed like Tom Krell went to great efforts to keep the listener at arm's length on Love Remains, How to Dress Well’s 2010 debut. As unreliable as it was technically proficient, Remains was its own worst enemy. The lo-fi distorted haze wore down the music until all that remained was the atmosphere itself. And while large chunks of it were intriguing, this uneven pacing rendered the debut ultimately frustrating. With his follow-up EP, Just Once, Krell provides the listener with a newfound consistency without sacrificing any of How to Dress Well's dreamlike mystique

Just Once sounds both so accessible and smooth, you could almost make the argument here that Krell is overcorrecting. The listener is fully embraced by the album’s cascade of disarming orchestral arrangements. The music itself is spread out over four rich and texturous tracks (“Suicide Dream 1-3” and “Decisions”). Just Once also boasts a quite cavernous and accommodating production that provides these full-bodied songs enough room to breathe. Often prominently featured among these euphoric string swells is Krell’s distorted falsetto. His purposefully strained vocals were one of Remains’ weakest links, but their bemused detachment here complements the music exceptionally well lending it the necessary uniformity. Free from the musical pretension of their debut, How to Dress Well’s Just Once is as imminently listenable as Remains was polarizing- and more importantly, it creates anticipation for their next big release.

How to Dress Well - Suicide Dream 1 (Orchestral Version) by Slow Vertigo

How to Dress Well - Suicide Dream 2 (Orchestral Version) by hidden_shine

How To Dress Well - Suicide Dream 3 (Orchestral Version) by Pretty Much Amazing

How to Dress Well - Decisions by takemetothevineyard

- Fr. Jones


If you have wondered if it's possible to wear out a digital copy of an EP from overplay, then you probably have heard of French Films and have been listening to their tracks. The band from Helsinki, Finland has been on my playlist for what seems like forever now and has no intention of leaving it.

The Golden Sea EP has been out since last fall on iTunes and has made fans anticipate the band's debut album "Imaginary Future" in September.

I recently got a chance to ask singer Johannes some questions that tell us some more about the band and their music.

From FPT's Jay Harris - French Films Interview

JH: What can you tell us about the new album "Imaginary Future" and when might we expect it?

Johannes: "The album will be out in September. It has 10 songs on it and will
sound more diverse than the EP."

(**Update: album tracklist at bottom of post)

JH: Releasing the Golden Sea EP and having been well received means people may already have high expectations of the band going forward. How does that impact what you are are trying to accomplish with your current work, or does it?

Johannes: "I don't know.. It's good to have a clear mind and concentrate on
those things that are important. We went to studio with new songs,
recorded them, mixed them and we think they're brilliant. Now we're
really looking forward to release the album and hope that people will
like what they hear."

JH: The length and pacing of the tracks that you have released so far have been brisk and effective in leaving people wanting more. Having been used to great success by some of your potential influences in The Ramones and The Beach Boys among others, this would seem to be something that the band likes to incorporate in it's recordings. Was this something you guys have tried to do with your music?

Johannes: "Well, I have always liked pithy and catchy pop songs you want to
listen over and over again. We obviously like other music as well but
this is just something we like to do."

JH: For someone like me who knows Finland for Hockey Goalies, Nokia and Finlandia Vodka, what can you tell us about the music scene in Helsinki or Finland in General?

Johannes: "There's many talented people doing all kinds of different musical
styles in Finland. Living the time of Facebook, Soundcloud etc. it's
finally easier also for bands from Finland to get attention. There are
some damn good new bands rising from here. You'll see."

JH: Do you find that playing live has changed any of the current songs, or affected how you have approached recording the new ones? For example, your different guitar lead in on the Golden Sea live version is terrific.

Johannes: "We played some of the songs from the upcoming album live and I think
every one of them progressed in time to be what they are now. When
we're playing live it's always more energetic and a bit different than
on record. We didn't think about it that much when we recorded the album
though. I think it's a good combination of roughness of punk and
softness of dream pop and something else."

JH: When not playing your own music, and the band had to choose a couple cover songs to play, what would be your top picks?

Johannes: "We have been thinking about some covers, not that serious though.
Would like to do a French Films version of Fleetwood Mac's "Go Your Own
Way". Or some song from Pet Shop Boys. And of course we have been
playing the obvious "Take On Me" by A-ha in our rehearsals. Maybe
something will be released in the future."

JH: When you write new songs, what comes first, the lyrics or the music?

Johannes: "Usually the music, though I write down words whenever something comes in to my head."

JH: What would be the ideal day off from music be for the band?

Johannes: "I think we had an excellent example of a brilliant day off when we
were touring Europe in May. We the band, our sound engineer and our tour
manager drove through the amazing alps from southern Germany to Italy
and stayed the night in this beautiful and calm countryside town called
Verona. We had our own house there for the night, cooked some delicious
pasta, drank wine and had good conversations. Really relaxing!"

JH: Any upcoming tour plans?

Johannes: "We're touring Europe again in fall and are also visiting Japan if
everything goes as planned. US and UK are also "on the list", but see
what happens."

JH: Ending on a totally non music note: As a good Canadian lad, I naturally love my hockey and I greatly respect how the Finns play the game hard. Are there any hockey fans in the group? And if so, how can you not help but like Selanne. The man is a Nordic machine! 41 years old, 80 Pts last year, are you kidding me! kunnioittaminen
(You can keep Vesa Toskala away from Toronto though, we already saw that movie)

Johannes: "I think we're not the biggest fans of hockey but yeah we do like to
watch a game sometimes! Especially when it's the world championships. It
was great to see Finland win this year first time in 16 years! And yeah,
Selänne is definitely a legend. A hero to many guys our age."

JH: Thank you very much

Johannes: "Thanks for the interview and take care!"

Buy the Golden Sea EP

Imaginary Future tracklist:

This Dead Town
You Don't Know
Golden Sea
Pretty In Decadence
The Great Wave Of Light
Living Fortress
Escape In The Afternoon
New Zealand
Up The Hill!/frenchfilmsofficial

Grouplove - Never Trust A Happy Song - Album Preview

Grouplove's full length debut album 'Never Trust a Happy Song' will be released on September 13th via Canvasback Music/Atlantic. A new song from the album 'Close Your Eyes and Count to Ten' can be heard over at Spin. Also check out the video for 'Tongue Tied' below that will also be featured on the upcoming album. They also have a full fledged headlining tour that is also listed below, along with the albums tracklisting.

Grouplove really caught my attention with the catchy single 'Colours' from their self-titled EP earlier this year. The song that really caught my ear though was 'Naked Kids', make sure to check out the bands full EP if you haven't already, you can listen to it over on their website.

Never Trust A Happy Song Tracklist:
01. Itchin’ on a Photograph
02. Tongue Tied
03. Lovely Cup
04. Colours
05. Slow
06. Naked Kids
07. Spun
08. Betty’s a Bombshell
09. Chloe
10. Love Will Save Your Soul
11. Cruel and Beautiful World
12. Close Your Eyes and Count to Ten

Grouplove Tour Dates:
7/31, Woodford, Australia (Splendour in the Grass)
8/2, Melbourne, Australia (Corner Hotel)
8/3, Sydney, Australia (Oxford Art Factory)
8/6, Chicago, IL (Lollapalooza)
8/14, San Francisco, CA (Outside Lands)
8/26-28, Reading, England/Leeds, England (Reading and Leeds)
9/5, London, England (XOYO)
9/9, Washington, DC (Black Cat)**
9/10, Philadelphia, PA (North Star)**
9/13, Boston, MA (Brighton Music Hall)**
9/14, New York, NY (Bowery Ballroom)** Record Release
9/16, Chicago, IL (Subterranean)**
9/19, Denver, CO (Larimer Lounge)
9/22, Los Angeles, CA (Wiltern Theatre) supporting Two Door Cinema Club
9/23, San Francisco, CA (Warfield) supporting Two Door Cinema Club
9/24, San Diego, CA (House of Blues) supporting Two Door Cinema Club
9/28, Portland, OR (Peter's Room)
9/30, Seattle, WA (Vera Project)
10/1, Vancouver, BC (Electric Owl)
10/5, Minneapolis, MN (The Varsity)*
10/6, Madison, WI (The Frequency)*
10/11, Nashville, TN (Mercy Lounge)*
10/13, Atlanta, GA (Masquerade)*
10/15, Pensacola, FL (DeLuna Fest)*
10/17, New Orleans, LA (One Eyed Jacks)*
10/20, Austin, TX (Emo's)*
10/21, Dallas, TX (Prophet Bar)*
10/22, Houston, TX (Fitzgerald's)*
10/25, Tucson, AZ (Congress)
10/26, Los Angeles, CA (El Rey Theatre)

* w/ special guests Belle Brigade
** w/ special guests Young Man

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Edward Sharpe and The Magnetic Zeros (Twilight Concert Series - Preview)

Salt Lake City is lucky to get Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros as the third installment of the Free Twilight Concert Series. The band has been known to put on a great live performance, one that creates a lasting impression. Tomorrow night (July 28th) the band will visit Pioneer Park in SLC and showcase their amazing musical talents. With the release of their debut album 'Up From Below' back in 2009 the band has received nothing but praise from music critics and fans. Below is the bands official bio taken from their website. Also instead of releasing videos for each of their singles the band are currently in the process of putting a 12 part video series together (aka SALVO) to add an even more artsy touch to their music. Below the bands bio I have placed the 3 videos that are currently available in the 12 part SALVO series.

Here is the bands bio over at their official website...
Contrary to the rumored explanations that abound like urban myths about one Los Angeles collective’s peculiar name, there is no ‘Edward Sharpe.’ Frontman Alex Ebert insists that the moniker is not an alter ego, that he’s not playing a character. So it is Alex Ebert leading the Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros concerts which are more aptly described as musical love-ins- rapturous, theatrical affairs where it is sometimes hard to discern between the musicians on stage (there are, give or take, 13 of them) and the fans in the crowd, all swaying and singing in a state of joyous euphoria. And it all revolves around impossibly magnetic lead singer Ebert, a madcap rock ‘n roll shaman leading his exuberant troupe through their beatific, intricately embellished psych-folk anthems.

Ebert quashes the rumors that Edward Sharpe is a role he plays by explaining that when it came time to name his new band- a collective of multi-talented musicians culled from his network of friends and acquaintances in LA- his own name, Alex Ebert, felt as though it had become lost. Though Ebert’s life and career had progressed, his own name was still mired in his past. It weighed him down with its associations to things from another life, among them his old band, dance-punk act Ima Robot. According to Ebert, choosing to adopt the new name was actually an avenue back toward himself, rather than an effort to become someone else.

Led by a newly motivated Ebert, he collective of musicians that would become Edward Sharpe & the Magnetic Zeros came together in a remarkably organic way- everyone seemed to coincidentally know one another or to be separated by only a few degrees. That natural dynamic quickly propelled them into a year-and-a-half long recording endeavor that bore the band’s breakout debut “Up From Below,” in which nearly all the current members participated. The recording session took place in the Laurel Canyon home studio of Nico Aglietti, an old friend of Ebert’s who now plays guitar in the band and helmed production on the album (along with bassist Aaron Older and Ebert himself.) The communal writing and recording process, in stark contrast to Ebert’s prior M.O. of writing and recording demos while isolated in his apartment, had a profound, bonding effect on the group.

Three months into the recording session, the band took the stage at The Troubadour in their hometown of Los Angeles to play their first show. Something special happened during that virgin performance, and Ebert recalls feeling like the band was definitely on to something. Sure enough, just a few short years later, the initial buzz about Edward Sharpe & the Magnetic Zeros has risen to a fever pitch, carrying along with it the adoration of fans from around the world, and a steady showering of accolades from the press

"Desert Song" is about Alex's reckoning with the middle name his father secretly wrote on his birth certificate - a Native American name which means 'Devil' or 'Demon'

"Kisses Over Babylon" picks up in the same desert wasteland world, ravaged by drought. Edward is arrested by two Minors (police from Ursa Minor) for the murder of his own father, and taken to a water-labor prison. There he reunites with Brother, his long-ago friend, and rallies the prisoners to a frenzied prison break.

"40 Day Dream" finds Edward and Brother hiding out in the desert after their violent jail-break. Jade, having received a telepathic message from Brother, brings them to meet the rest of the Magnetic Zeros. Edward is welcomed by his new family and his troubles are briefly lifted by a healing vision of togetherness. After a night of revelry, Edward is awakened by Angel.

Radiohead TKOL Remixes- Part 3

It is now being told that the previous report of 4 different singles featuring Radiohead's The King of Limbs Remixes will be increased to 6 or 7 releases. Here is what AtEase posted about the remixes...
The band said that they’re not exactly sure how many releases will be put out, but it will more than the four which have been communicated earlier. Right now, Radiohead are expecting 6 or 7 vinyl releases of The King Of Limbs releases. Three are already announced, two of them have been released so far. All remixes will be collected on a CD, which is expected for ‘sometime in september’. Vinyls and digital downloads are available here.

Head over to Norman Records, for a pre-order of the 4th installment of the Radiohead Remixes
I am very excited to see how Codex turns out with this Illum Sphere Remix version. To me this 4th installment of the remixes seems most exciting with 3 of the more assessable songs from The King of Limbs.
1 - Give Up The Ghost (Thriller Houseghost Remix)
2 - Codex (Illum Sphere Remix)
3 - Little By Little (Shed Remix)

The Entrance Band (Twilight Concert Series - Preview)

What do I know about The Entrance Band? Well not much at all, but after checking out a few of their tunes I know that they like to play some old style rock n roll. The band consist of Guy Blakeslee (Guitar/Vocals), Paz Lechantin (Bass) and Derek James (Drums). Their music is a touch of psychedelic, classic rock, and Rock n Roll all rolled together creating a nice edgy dark sound for the modern age. Think White Stripes type of noise with a little more rawness to the sound.

They have a Self-Titled debut album that was released back in 2009. Check out the albums tracklisting and also check out the video for 'Lookout!'

1. Lookout!
2. M.L.K.
3. Still Be There
4. Sing For The One
5. You're So Fine
6. Grim Reaper Blues (Pt. 2)
7. That Is Why
8. Lives
9. You Must Turn
10. Hourglass
11. Silence on a Crowded Train

The Entrance Band Website

The Jezabels - Prisoner - Album Preview

The Jezabels now have an album title 'Prisoner' to attach to their resume. After 3 EP's the band will finally give fans a full on album which is tentatively set to be released in the USA in the spring of 2012. I know this is a long ways away but thought I would drop as much news as possible on the album details. The first single off of Prisoner will be 'Endless Summer' and it has an official UK release date of September 5th, 2011. The newest tune from The Jezabels comes at you fast and by the end of the song you are wanting to hear more. The album will be released on Play It Again Sam Recordings. If you are wanting to get a jumpstart on this album it will be available in Australia only in September and you could always buy an Import copy of the album.

The Jezabels are an Australian 4-piece band, and have been getting plenty of praise across the Internet and rightfully so. They offer up some soaring vocals and an overall tight sound that catches the ears attention quite well. It is hard not to be excited about what the debut album 'Prisoner' will bring, after listening to the albums first track 'Endless Summer'. They also have a North American tour in the works for fall.

The Jezabels - Dark Storm EP REVIEW

The Jezabels - Endless Summer by thejezabels

Nirvana- Nevermind 20th Anniversary Super Deluxe Edition- RELEASE DATE ANNOUNCED

It's a strange thing about Nirvana's Nevermind album. It's been twenty years since it's official release, yet it somehow feels like at least fifty and yesterday at the same time. Regardless, the Super Deluxe version of Nevermind will be dropped September 19 in the UK and September 20 in the US as part of a limited release- 10,000 copies to the US and 30,000 allocated across the world. The album will receive extensive repackaging and be stuffed to the gills with numerous special features including a full remastered version of the original record along with a collection of demos, B-sides, live renditions, and remixes (?) across four CDs and a DVD. Additionally, the SD version will also feature rare footage from the band's 1991 show at Seattle's Paramount Theater as well as a 90 page booklet of memorabilia. For Cobain-philes, this should be a dream come true. Hopefully, this will be the definitive mastering this iconic band truly deserves.

That said, here's an interesting query for all the Fake Plastic followers out there:
In the bizarro alternate universe where Kurt Cobain somehow lives, what does the past future of Nirvana ultimately look like? Do they eventually break up shortly after In Utero? Does Foo Fighters ever get together? Would Cobain eventually embrace a more stripped down solo career a'la their Unplugged album? Would Nirvana still be culturally relevant today- or downshifted into a Pearl Jam-esque cultish fan base? All interesting things to ponder.

- Fr. Jones

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

The Horrors - Moving Further Away

The third offering from The Horrors - "Skying" is now available online as a full album stream. The album itself dropped July 11th via the XL Recordings label. For all of us States side we will have to wait patiently for a whole other month as the album won't be released until August 9th.

Right now The Horrors are offering the song 'Moving Further Away' as a free download which you can get for yourself from the widget below. Also the full album stream is still available and is also listed below.

The Horrors - Skying - ALBUM STREAM

The Horrors Upcoming US Tour:
9/7 - Vancouver, BC - Venue
9/8 - Seattle, WA - Neumos
9/9 - Portland, OR - Dante's
9/10 - San Francisco, CA - Bimbo's 365 Club
9/12 - Pomona, CA - The Glass House
9/13 - Costa Mesa, CA - The Detroit Bar
9/15 - Los Angeles, CA - El Rey Theater
9/16 - San Diego, CA - The Casbah
9/17 - Tucson, AZ - Plush
9/19 - Houston, TX - Fitzgerald's
9/20 - Dallas, TX - The Prophet Bar
9/21 - Austin, TX - The Parish
9/23 - St Louis, MO - The Firebird
9/24 - Minneapolis, MN - Triple Rock
9/25 - Chicago, IL - Lincoln Hall
9/27 - Toronto, ON - Lee's Palace
9/28 - Montreal, QC - Cafe Campus
9/30 - Washington, DC - Black Cat
10/1 - Asbury Park, NJ - ATP
10/2 - Philadelphia, PA%uFFFD - World Cafe Live
10/3 - Allston, MA - Brighton Music Hall
10/4 - New York, NY - Webster Hall

Noel Gallagher's High Flying Birds - The Death Of You And Me

Here is the first listen at Noel Gallagher's High Flying Birds album. The song is 'The Death of You and Me' and has that classic Noel Gallagher sound to it. It may not be a full fledged Oasis old time sound but I have to say I like it better then anything on the Beady Eye album. Has an honest and I would even go as far as saying a "Humble" sound to it. Hard to use the word "humble" in the same sentence in anything Noel puts out but seems like the real deal here.

Check out the full album details here...
Noel Gallagher's High Flying Birds

The Death Of You And Me - Lyrics:
High tide, summer in the city,
The kids are looking pretty,
But isn't it a pity,
That the sunshine is followed by thunder,
And thoughts of going under,
And is it any wonder,
When is calling out to me.

I seem to spend my whole life running,
From people who would be,
The death of you and me,
'Cause I can feel the storm clouds,
Sucking up my soul.

High tide, life is getting faster,
No one has the answer,
I try to face the day now in a new way,
'Cause every man's a puzzle.

Let's run away together you and me,
Forever we'd be free,
Free to spend our whole lives running,
From people who would be,
The death of you and me,
'Cause I can feel the storm clouds,
Sucking up my soul.

Let's run away to sea,
Forever we'd be free,
Free to spend our whole lives running,
From people who would be,
The death of you and me,
'Cause I can feel the storm clouds coming.

I'm watching my TV,
Or is it watching me?
I see another new day dawning,
It's rising over me, with my mortality,
And I can feel the storm clouds,
Sucking up my soul.

The Drums - Money - Video

Here is The Drums newest video 'Money' taken from their upcoming sophomore album 'Portamento'. It offers more of a darker tone to what has been portrayed on their debut album.

Typhoon - Live Review (Twilight Concert Series)

To start out their set Typhoon asked the crowd if anyone had a cello they could borrow. Well no one volunteered and the show still went on. On this the second week of The Twilight Concert Series the crowd was a bit warmer and bigger. It was clear that they were here to see a good night of live music from both Typhoon and The Decemberists. The first band from Oregon on the night Typhoon played a lively set. They have a wide range of musical talents playing a variety of musical instruments.

The band consisted of 12 members on the night and it has been said this number can often change as the band tours, they just kind of bring whoever is available at the time and hit the road. As they proclaimed they would get funky and then belted out the lyrics "We Will Smile" they made an impression on me - this is a band that is here to say. It was a great start to the night of music.

Check out the full Typhoon Photoshoot over on FPT's Facebook Page

Monday, July 25, 2011

Biosphere- N-Plants REVIEW

The concept behind Biosphere aka Geir Jennsen’s new album, N-Plants, quickly runs the gamut from preachy to tragically ironic before settling in somewhere between poignant and haunting. Flustered by Japan’s stance on nuclear reliance, Jennsen constructed a nine-track LP with each song named in accordance to one of the country’s multiple power plants. N-Plants is designed to be both in awe of these structures and their powerful architecture as well as frustrated by the careless lack of geographical foresight and wanton disregard for safety regulations. If this all seems a little exploitative, keep in mind that Jennsen released this album just weeks before tsunamis ravaged Japan causing widespread nuclear disaster. Fact and fiction rarely blur quite so seamlessly.

Of course Biosphere consists mainly of ambient minimalism- so any form of protest is far from direct. For example, opening track “Sendai-1” is more or less business as usual only with a distant siren droning repetitively in the background. Furthermore, it is difficult to separate the borderline clairvoyant inspiration behind N-Lands from the creepiness of the music itself. Tracks like “Joyo-1” and “Monju-1” recall a mixture of Mark Snow’s score from The X-Files with early Boards of Canada. A distinct feeling of dread permeates through Biosphere’s fluttery drum machines and audio samples. Arriving at N-Lands' midpoint is album highlight “Genkai”- a mesmerizing track with a washed out synth preceding a faster-paced beat. But even the uptempo creepiness of “Genkai-1” pulls the listener deeper into an almost somber level of dark paranoia. And if the album never quite moves us emotionally, it is only because we often feel frozen in place while listening. Evaluated aside from current events, N-Lands holds up as a remarkable collection of foreboding ambience. However, removing it from this context is almost impossible.

- Fr. Jones

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Zomby- Dedication REVIEW

Zomby is one of the few musical artists and producers worthy of the mystique he evokes. Inexplicably ahead of the curve, his 2008 debut, Where Were You In 92, may be one of the most important and underrated electronic albums of the past twenty years. Acting as an established bridge between yesteryear’s synth-based dancefloor innocence and the enigmatic ambience that currently dominates the scene today, 92 also embraced the genre’s more postier aspects before Dubstep had even left the ground. So it comes as no surprise that 2011's Dedication arrives shrink-wrapped with the Post-Dubstep calling card.
However, those expecting Zomby to follow the lead of James Blake by streamlining his experimental tendencies will be frustratingly disappointed with Dedication. While far from inaccessible (although it has every right to be), it’s not the anthemic pulse-pounder many fanboys were expecting in light of the success of Blake and other artists such as Burial. Instead, Dedication is moody, particular, and kind of brilliant. It often seems reluctant to fully give itself away, opting instead to resemble a dubbier version of Muhammad Ali- circling the listener before coiling around us in brief machine gun-style bursts only to vanish moments later. Certain songs abruptly stop mid-progression, while others feature seamless transitions- Zomby is truly answering to no one here. Both patient and astoundingly precise, he has created something every bit as haunting and intermittently breathtaking as Burial’s Untrue LP. While at thirty minutes, Dedication’s brevity robs it of Untrue's inherent gravitas- this compact structure does render Dedication less fatiguing than it easily could have been. Therefore, we are more apt to indulge in Zomby’s seemingly endless ideas, concepts, unorthodox time signatures, 8-bit noises, odd homages where you would least expect them, and this is all before Noah “Panda Bear” Lennox shows up to contribute his vocal services to “Things Fall Apart”. Despite these overwhelming characteristics, somehow Dedication never suffocates the listener. If anything, it pushes us farther away the closer we get. And of course, that only makes us love this innovative collection of sounds even more.

- Fr. Jones


Hey guys just again wanted to say thank you for all the support for Fake Plastic Tunes. We recently surpassed the 100,000 page views since the start of the year and feel really blessed and thankful to everyone that has stopped by the site.

As a way to say Thank You we want to run a contest for a bunch of new music. To enter the contest you have to 'Like' us on Facebook and leave a comment on this post. The contest will run for a week and will end July 25th and I will pick one random winner.

Below is the list of items that will be included in the prize pack.  Make sure to check out our reviews of the first 5 CD's in the Prize Pack the links are included below. 

The CD Prize Pack includes 18 CD's:
01. Said The Whale - Islands Disappear CD
02. San Cisco - Golden Revolver EP CD
03. The Jezabels - Dark Storm EP CD
04. Team Me - Team Me EP CD
05. Standing Shadows - The Silent Revolution EP CD
06. Sacred Animals - Welcome Home EP CD
07. Hungry Kids of Hungary - Mega Mountain CD
08. Caroline Smith & The Good Sleeps - Little Wind CD
09. Hard-Fi - Once Upon A Time In The West CD
10. Eulogies - Here Anonymous CD
11. The Subways - Young For Eternity CD
12. The Secret Machines - Ten Silver Drops CD
13. Hot Hot Heat - Elevator CD
14. Beastie Boys - Hot Sauce Committee Part Two CD
15. The Beatles - Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band CD
*Plus I will throw in a few stickers from The Vaccines and The Kills
16. James Vincent McMorrow - Early In The Morning CD
17. PJ Harvey - Let England Shake CD
18. Alexander - Alexander CD

***Yet Another Update***
Vagrant Records decided to help us out and are putting 3 additional CD's into the prize pot.  It is almost like an encore of music, with the new PJ Harvey, Alexander, and James Vincent McMorrow albums as a part of the prize pack.  Make sure to check out the album reviews of all three of the albums by clicking on the links.

Malcom Lacey aka "Arrange" is offering an autographed copy of his album 'Plantation' on Vinyl as part of our contest.

Check out Arrange over at Bandcamp
Arrange- Plantation REVIEW
Sound Check - Arrange INTERVIEW

UTAH ORIGINAL - Fictionist

For a few months now I have had friends telling me that I need to do a write up about the local band called "Fictionist". Well a few months later and a Rolling Stone contest later here is the latest installment of my weekly UTAH ORIGINAL feature. So who are these guys Fictionist and why all the fuss over this lets be on the cover of Rolling Stone Magazine?

Fictionist were originally called Maxfield, after band the lead singer Stuart Maxfield. Shortly after they changed their name to Good Morning Maxfield and then came Fictionist in late 2008. The Fictionist are a 5 piece band out of Provo, UT, who all met while studying jazz at BYU. When you first hear that they are from Provo and attended BYU you assume they are Mormon - so yes they are. The next question would be, how does the religious aspect effect their music? Well it really has no effect whatsoever.

Their music speaks for itself and offers a back to the future - retro feel with a Pink Floyd type of vibe. Singer Stuart Maxfield said it best "Music is an area in life where there aren't religious things and secular things that separate us". Now with two albums under their belt, 2009's 'Invisible Hand' and 2010's Lasting Echo and some extra National attention they are letting their music do the talking.   

Getting to Know Fictionist:

Lasting Echo Tracklisting:
02.Human Wings
03.Blue-Eyed Universe
04.Sunshine of a Shell
05.Strangers in the Dark
06.The Well-Made Shadow
07.Time to TIme
08.Suffering Angel
09.Deeper and Deeper
10.Fire Don’t Set You Free
11.Have Mercy

Invisible Hand Tracklisting:
01.Noisy Birds
02.Tightrope Hill
03.Invisible Hand
04.Nowhere to Go
06.Lovers Past
07.Set Me on Fire
11.Song for B

Friday, July 22, 2011

The Decemberists - LIVE REVIEW (Twilight Concert Series)

The Decemberists came to SLC, UT's Pioneer Park 7/21/2011 as part of The Twilight Concert Series. This was the second week of the 7 week Series and was greeted with some big cheers. As soon as The Decemberists took to the stage their presence was felt as they showcased their musical talents. Lead man Colin Meloy came to the microphone with his 'Ti Ware' coffee cup in hand joking about how the stage crew had put Steve Miller setlists all over the stage as a prank. He warned the crowd that they could be in for a jammed pack night of Steve Miller and started humming the words to Take The Money and Run. After all the Steve Miller jokes he began to talk about the last time they were in SLC and how they played at Kilby Court and were wondering if the roof was still intact over there.

The Twilight Concert Series week 2 crowd was much more into the music and there was probably an additional 10,000+ people in the crowd from week 1. Fan interaction was at a high point during the show, there were fans at the front of the stage handing beers up to Sara and Colin. Colin requested the over 35,000 people in the crowd to all sit down on the ground and that is just what the crowd did. Of course with any free show you will get a mixture of fans and just as last weeks Explosions show the band proclaimed it was the first time there was crowd surfing at one of their shows. Either it is the free show that causes this or it is just how SLC does things. The band sure thought it was funny and Colin showed his humor by jamming into Red Hot Chili Peppers 'Give It Away'.

The setlist itself was 17 songs deep and offered a pair of Encores to end the show. There was a heavy dose of The King Is Dead album playing 7 out of the 10 songs which all sounded perfect for the setting. Near the end of the show and in between encores Drummer John Moen gave us a little blues treat. After that it was Colin and Chris having a guitar showdown playing their guitars from behind their backs. It was just an all around impressive live performance that you could tell the Decemberists were enjoying the music they were playing. The night closed with a second Encore as Colin belted out 'June Hymn'. That was a nice send off and thank you to the crowd. Overall it was a great night of music.

Decemberists 7/21/2011 Setlist:
01 - Apology Song
02 - Down By The Water
03 - Calamity Song
04 - Rise To Me
05 - We Both Go Down
06 - The Bagman's Gambit
07 - The Rake's Song
08 - Won't Want For Love
09 - The Crane Wife 1 & 2
10 - The Crane Wife 3
11 - All Arise!
12 - Rox In The Box
13 - Sixteen Military Wives
14 - This Is Why We Fight
15 - Raincoat Song
16 - The Chimbley Sweep
17 - June Hymn

For my full photoshoot of the band head over to Fake Plastic Tunes Facebook page

EMA- Past Life Martyred Saints REVIEW

Formerly of the now-defunct rock band Gowns, Erika M. Anderson aka EMA arrives with Past Life Martyred Saints, a debut LP that replaces her former’s band’s excessive bleakness with jaded thoughtfulness. This isn’t to say that EMA has embraced a new, quasi-cheerful approach- Past Life Martyred Saints is relentlessly intense and overflowing with painful, scarring imagery. But none of it feels lurid or exploitative. Anderson does not expose herself here for attention, but instead for catharsis. This is a decisively alone album- therefore she leaves the participation up to the listener. In many ways, she is the anti-Mazzy Star

Past Life Martyred Saints is a slow burn that never quite explodes instead opting to incinerate. This is made evident right from the beginning with lo-fi opener “The Grey Ship”, a seven-minute opus that structurally shifts in style several times before ending with a fading solo of whispery vocals. It’s a ballsy move to begin an album this way, but Anderson seems confident in both her arrangements and songwriting skills. In songs like “California”, the written word legitimately adopts a stream of consciousness tone to tackle themes such as existentialism and isolation. While in “Marked” and “Butterfly Kisses”, she gives us two unnerving tracks that roll their sleeves up and revel in the scars caused by physical abuse. The lyrics and imagery here are almost overwhelmingly vivid (“I wish that every time he touched me left a mark…”) and conveyed with a scratchy world-weariness- as if to say that while the scars run deep, she is still breathing. This is an intimate experience we are involved in with Anderson- to the point where it’s easy to confuse listening with eavesdropping. But the true irony here (and also an indicator that Anderson is a brilliant songwriter) is that EMA boasts an initiative that surprisingly renders Past Life Martyred Saints a feel-good album. As “Red Star” drifts to a close, an undeniable sense of peace and relief washes over the production. And while I’m not sure when I will muster up the stamina to give this therapeutic exercise another spin, I feel nonetheless stronger for having participated.

- Fr. Jones

Thursday, July 21, 2011


The experimental sonic genius known as Flying Lotus blessed the music world by abruptly adding several new songs to his Soundcloud page earlier this week. For those anxious for the next Cosmogramma, hopefully the following tracks can tide you over. "Voyagerrrrrs" especially is a rhythmic delicacy- as well as "buriedMIX2", a heavily remixed Burial track. If you're into this kind of thing, these are a delicious collection of tunes.

Flying Lotus - kingmidas 'Lost' Remix Instrumental '08 by Flyinglotus

Flying Lotus - Voyagerrrrrs by Flyinglotus

Flying Lotus - buriedMIX2 //burial dj kicks??'08 by Flyinglotus

Flying Lotus - shafiq evil man remix final by Flyinglotus

Flying Lotus - Velvet cake Mix2 by Flyinglotus

Flying Lotus - Elephant Ride '07 by Flyinglotus

- Fr. Jones

The Decemberists - Twilight Concert Series Preview

Week 2 of The Twilight Concert Series is about to kick off tonight in SLC, UT. Typhoon are the opening act and then come the massive Decemberists who are sure to leave a lasting impression on the city. Some are saying this is the highlight of the whole 7 week concert series and I am sure the 25,000+ number from last weeks opener will be more like 35,000+ for The Decemberists.

Their latest effort 'The King Is Dead' was the bands sixth studio album being released earlier this year. The album itself is a very strong lyrical adventure and gives us a couple of gems like "Down By The Water" and "This is Why We Fight". The album has more of a folksy/country friendly vibe to it and has a strong American touch throughout the albums 10 songs. Vocalist and guitarist Colin Meloy sums up the albums direction and sound best...
"If there's anything academic about this record, or me trying to force myself in a direction, it was realising that the last three records were really influenced by the British folk revival ... this whole world that I was discovering, that I was poring over, learning inside-out. It was a wanting to get away from that. And looking back into more American traditions, reconnecting with more American music."

It will be interesting to see how the band delivers their music catalog tonight. I suspect a heavy dose of The King is Dead with a mix of the previous 5 albums. Either way SLC is in for a fantastic night of tunes.

Here is the latest video from the band "This Is Why We Fight". You would be hard pressed to find a song with the same powerful lyrics.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Pictureplane- "Post Physical" VIDEO

Here is the curiously intense video for Pictureplane's "Post Physical" from Thee Physical. I'm not sure a more appropriate video could be made for Pictureplane. This one vividly encapsulates the decadent and euphoric imagery evoked from Travis Edegy's latest LP. For more on Thee Physical, check out the album's review.

- Fr. Jones

Typhoon - Twilight Concert Series Preview

For those headed to the Twilight Concert Series tomorrow night (July 21st) in Salt Lake City you are maybe just going to see The Decemberists right? Well I am here to tell you that the opening act is pretty darn good as well. Typhoon will open up the night of Free music at Pioneer park, for the 2nd week of the Concert Series.

To help showcase Typhoon's talents I pulled a little video from YouTube which is part of The Take Away Shows series. The video was shot around a giant tree in Austin, TX during this years SXSW Festival. The video has the band playing a couple of their songs mashed into one starting with 'The Sickness Unto Death' and then a transition to 'The Honest Truth'. Indeed it is some lovely music and this Portland indie orchestra named Typhoon will have their own agenda come Thursday night.

Here is the the video and writeup on the video...
The band Typhoon playing one of their songs around a giant tree for the Take Away Shows. Shot in Austin, during the latest SxSw Festival.
"We rushed over to the band as fast as we could. They were staying in a
hippie house just outside of Austin filled with all sorts of hidden
treasures. And as luck would have it there was a giant tree in the

Noel Gallagher's High Flying Birds

Liam and Noel are anything but shy about their relationship and their downfall of Oasis. Now Liam has put out his Beady Eye project and Noel is following suit with the release of 'Noel Gallagher's High Flying Birds'. The album will consist of 10 songs and will be released through his own label, Sour Mash Records, on October 17th. The ten new songs were recorded over the past year in London and LA. After the release of the album a tour will fall shortly after and believe it or not a second album has already been completed. The second album is untitled and it will not be released until 2012.

When asked about High Flying Birds here is Noel's reply...
"My manager asked me who the High Flying Birds are. They aren't anyone in particular. Noel Gallagher's High Flying Birds is me and whoever is around at the time of whatever it is that I'm doing, a loose collective kinda thing."

The first single from the album will be "The Death of You And Me" and it has an August 21st release date and is also on Noel's own Sour Mash label. 'The Death Of You And Me' will be the first new material released by Noel Gallagher in the last three years.

The Death of You And Me:
CD Single / 7"
01. The Death Of You And Me
02. The Good Rebel
Digital Bundle
01. The Death Of You And Me
02. The Good Rebel
03. The Death Of You And Me (Video)

Noel Gallagher's High Flying Birds Tracklisting:
01. Everybody's On The Run
02. Dream On
03. If I Had A Gun...
04. The Death Of You And Me
05. (I Wanna Live In A Dream In My) Record Machine
06. AKA... What A Life!
07. Soldier Boys And Jesus Freaks
08. AKA... Broken Arrow
09. (Stranded On) The Wrong Beach
10. Stop The Clocks

Here is a teaser video for the new single "The Death of You and Me"

Howler - This One's Different EP

There has been a lot of things to smile about recently for Minneapolis based 4 piece Howler as of late. They signed a deal with legendary label Rough Trade recently which will see the release of their debut EP "This One's Different" on August 1st in UK. (Available since Feb. 14th in US/Canada on iTunes) They have also been touted in NME as one of the best new bands so far this year, along with being a personal favorite of thier website editor Luke Lewis. If that wasn't enough, Howler will be opening for The Vaccines on their UK tour this fall.

The band is comprised of 19 year old lead singer Jordan Gatesmith, Max Petrek, Brent Mayes and Ian Nygaard.

The band's first single "I Told You Once" is a simple, but very effective track that has surfy guitars and a catchy indie chorus that you'll want to add to your summer playlist. It has much of it's own hazy charm, but one that owes some debts to early Strokes tracks. They make a great first impression and are on the radar as a band to watch for very soon.

A great snippet from an article from Minneapolis website describes the full EP:
Their recently released This One's Different EP is, true to its name, a weirdly wonderful snapshot of a band far too young and reckless to fully appreciate its own talent: five songs in 14 minutes, most of it sounding like a blotted accident. Save for radio-ready pogo-beat single "I Told You Once," Different plays like the best kind of dashed-off high school yearbook entry, full of in-jokes, asides, and random musings.
This One's Different


1. I Told You Once
2. This One's Different
3. You Like White Women, I Like Cigarettes
4. For All Concern
5. 14 Days

Available Now on iTunes

St. Vincent - Strange Mercy - ALBUM PREVIEW

St. Vincent's newest effort 'Strange Mercy' is set to release on September 13 in the U.S. and a day earlier in the UK via 4AD. Above is the artwork for the new album and below is a tracklisting. There is also a bunch of updates over at the site, showing video clip previews of the new album and also offering a chance to unlock an MP3 from the album. If you are in a hurry to hear some new St. Vincent music you can help by tweeting #StrangeMercy

Strange Mercy Tracklisting:
01 Chloe in the Afternoon
02 Cruel
03 Cheerleader
04 Surgeon
05 Northern Lights
06 Strange Mercy
07 Neutered Fruit
08 Champagne Year
09 Dilettante
10 Hysterical Strength
11 Year of the Tiger

Here is St.Vincent performing Tom Waits' 'Big Black Mariah' at the Raindogs Revisited gig July 13, 2011 at the the Barbican, London. The night featured all performers covering tracks from Tom Waits 'Rain Dogs' album.
Watch the live clip below, and download the track via Stereogum.

Pictureplane- Thee Physical REVIEW

Whether it’s the cover art, the track titles, or the name of the album itself, almost everything about Thee Physical, the sophomore LP from Pictureplane aka Denver producer Travis Egedy, alludes to the sexually provocative. And while Thee Physical is indeed an electronic smorgasboard of sensual references and tension, it is far from the simple dancefloor orgy these traits suggest. Don’t get the wrong idea- Egedy actively refrains from subtlety, but he also stops just short of overindulgence. This stylistic choice affords the album the luxury of remaining overwhelming without the expense of fatigue.

Listening to Pictureplane’s latest album, I was reminded of Digitalism’s recent LP, I Love You, Dude. Both albums had similar intentions- to push the genre of dancefloor techno into a more ambitious, conceptual direction. In the end though, I Love You, Dude was nothing more than a thin smokescreen disguising mere traditionalism, while Thee Physical takes risks that ultimately pay off. At heart, Thee Physical is a club record, but it does not shy away from dabbling in sonic complexities. Egedy tastefully weaves in and out of various musical genres- ranging from mid-90s techno to rock to R&B to calypso and back again. “Body Mod”, “Trancegender” (featuring the suddenly ubiquitous Zola Jesus), and “Negative Slave” all feature experimental samples, loops, and time signatures yet still maintain their club-ready vibrancy. Pictureplane also does not skimp on powerful, pulsepounding anthems such as “Post Physical” and the explosive “Real is a Feeling”- both songs welcomingly showcase Egedy’s whispery vocals lost somewhere within the sonic synths and lasers. On albums like this, it’s good to occasionally hear the man behind the turntable. It reminds the listener that even at its most synthetic, the genre has both heart and mind. Pictureplane isn’t reinventing the wheel with Thee Physical, but he is definitely keeping it spinning.


- Fr. Jones

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

The Vaccines - Wetsuit - (Nokia N8 Summer Sessions)

Here I am again posting a song from The Vaccines. Well this time at least it is a bit of a change up with a straight up acoustic version of 'Wetsuit' which is so chill and goes right along with the setting. The video was shot with a Nokia N8 which turned out pretty impressive. This is the third in a series of live acoustic sessions that are being filmed entirely on the Nokia N8

The Vaccines - What Did You Expect From The Vaccines? ALBUM REVIEW

Phantogram/Glitch Mob- LIVE REVIEW Part 2

PREVIOUSLY ON THE "Phantogram/Glitch Mob LIVE REVIEW"..... After a last minute venue change from the King Plow to the Masquerade, July 15, 2011, ended up as a highly memorable evening of musical intensity. I'm talking of course about the Phantogram/ Glitch Mob show in Atlanta, Georgia. With the original venue overbooked, this electronic extravaganza was banished to the belfry-esque nether-regions of the Masquerade's upstairs stage. However, almost a headlining act itself, the Masquerade refused to disappoint. The "anything goes" atmosphere may perturb those of Coldplay fandom, but the place sure knows how to deliver a main course of high caloric live musical deliciousness. The special was $4 for a 16 oz. Pabst Blue Ribbon. Anything else was out of the question.

As far as the Glitch Mob goes, I've written pretty extensively on the site about these guys so I shall be brief. It's safe to say the trio from Los Angeles, DJs Oooah, edIT, and Boreta, delivered in spades for the wall-to-wall audience of predominant GlitchHeads- an hour and a half of pulse-pounding, rhythmically mesmerizing electronica. Witnessing this show was like being trapped inside the hard drive of an XBox 360
that is possessed by the ghost of Michael Jackson. And that's a hell of a compliment.