Monday, July 11, 2011

The Amends – Upcoming Album Preview

I recently received an e-mail from the members of The Amends and I have to say right away that I am very impressed. I am typically quite wary of music sent to me by e-mail yet I am always on the lookout for great new music and a person never really knows where that music is going to come from – so for the most part I try to listen to everything that comes into my box.

Due to this hesitation and lack of any real expectations I find it that much more satisfying when I do come upon something that gets me truly excited.

Right now, The Amends have me excited.

So, they sent me a link to a free EP which can be downloaded here and it is really fantastic. The first track, Dance, starts off like a hundred punkish type songs before it and I was expecting a cookie cutter outing with these four songs, until the opening shifts into a highly accessible and instantly catchy verse and chorus. The energy is streaming through the track and continues through the rest of the EP as the momentum shifts up and down with slick guitar solos, piano driven emotion, and vocals that match it all perfect.

The Amends have listed that their upcoming full length album will be released on July 23rd with a CD release show at Meadowlark in Denver, Colorado.

This is a band that has great potential and I am looking forward to hearing the new album and posting a full review.

The Amends are: Andrew Weikart (Vocals/Lead Guitar), Tyler Taylor (Vocals/Guitar/Keys), Shay Byington (Drums), Chris Childress (Bass)

Find them here:





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