Friday, July 1, 2011

The Cave Singers - No Witch - REVIEW

The Cave Singers unleashed their new album 'No Witch' back on February 22nd on the Jagjaguwar record label. 4 months later I am diving into it and giving it some serious listens. What I hear is a very well rounded and solid rock n roll album. It has that feel of a good old school rock sound and is presented in all 12 songs on 'No Witch'.

There is a perfect blend of folky/indie/alternative/rock and maybe even a little psychedelic gypsy to it. 'Gifts and the Raft' is a perfect album starter - it brings a folky indie presence to start out. From there the album never has a clear cut genre or style that it tries to stick by. Every song is its own identity showcasing how the talented band can mix things up from song to song and that they don't have to use the same blue print for their writing. 'Swim Club' is a breezy little folk rock jam that is very pleasant on the ears. 'Black Leaf' is next and it offers an upbeat sound that is more of a garage/psychedelic rock feel to it.

'Falls' is next and it gives off a dirty rock feel with the raspy sounding voice being backed with the guitars. 'Haller Lake' is an album highlight for me, I love the tambourine mixed in with the strong vocals it really gets this song off to the perfect start. 'All Land Crabs and Divinity Ghosts' is another highlight which shows off the bands song writing talents. 'Haystacks' was a song that really stuck out to me, it opened with some amazing harmonica sounds making it a really fun song all around. It really gave me the feel of a Ryan Adams song from the 2001 album Gold. Such a great song and probably my personal favourite from No Witch.

'Distant Sures' song is also a very nice song, which is slower, sincere, peaceful with nice vocals and some soothing guitar sounds. 'Faze Wave' offers a little heavier/darker sound and is a pure rock song. 'No Prosecution If We Bail' is the closing track on the album and is another guitar rock song that fails to disappoint.  Overall this is a very good album and one that I will continue to fall back on and listen to again and again.  For most bands switching up styles and sounds from song to song can be a real struggle and in the end creates an unpolished finish product.  For The Cave Singers, this method works just perfectly, it shows off their talents as musicians and the album never loses its flow from song to song it just adds to the experience.


No Witch tracklisting:
01. Gifts and the Raft
02. Swim Club
03. Black Leaf
04. Falls
05. Outer Realms
06. Haller Lake
07. All Land Crabs and Divinity Ghosts
08. Clever Creatures
09. Haystacks
10. Distant Sures
11. Faze Wave
12. No Prosecution If We Bail

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