Friday, July 22, 2011

The Decemberists - LIVE REVIEW (Twilight Concert Series)

The Decemberists came to SLC, UT's Pioneer Park 7/21/2011 as part of The Twilight Concert Series. This was the second week of the 7 week Series and was greeted with some big cheers. As soon as The Decemberists took to the stage their presence was felt as they showcased their musical talents. Lead man Colin Meloy came to the microphone with his 'Ti Ware' coffee cup in hand joking about how the stage crew had put Steve Miller setlists all over the stage as a prank. He warned the crowd that they could be in for a jammed pack night of Steve Miller and started humming the words to Take The Money and Run. After all the Steve Miller jokes he began to talk about the last time they were in SLC and how they played at Kilby Court and were wondering if the roof was still intact over there.

The Twilight Concert Series week 2 crowd was much more into the music and there was probably an additional 10,000+ people in the crowd from week 1. Fan interaction was at a high point during the show, there were fans at the front of the stage handing beers up to Sara and Colin. Colin requested the over 35,000 people in the crowd to all sit down on the ground and that is just what the crowd did. Of course with any free show you will get a mixture of fans and just as last weeks Explosions show the band proclaimed it was the first time there was crowd surfing at one of their shows. Either it is the free show that causes this or it is just how SLC does things. The band sure thought it was funny and Colin showed his humor by jamming into Red Hot Chili Peppers 'Give It Away'.

The setlist itself was 17 songs deep and offered a pair of Encores to end the show. There was a heavy dose of The King Is Dead album playing 7 out of the 10 songs which all sounded perfect for the setting. Near the end of the show and in between encores Drummer John Moen gave us a little blues treat. After that it was Colin and Chris having a guitar showdown playing their guitars from behind their backs. It was just an all around impressive live performance that you could tell the Decemberists were enjoying the music they were playing. The night closed with a second Encore as Colin belted out 'June Hymn'. That was a nice send off and thank you to the crowd. Overall it was a great night of music.

Decemberists 7/21/2011 Setlist:
01 - Apology Song
02 - Down By The Water
03 - Calamity Song
04 - Rise To Me
05 - We Both Go Down
06 - The Bagman's Gambit
07 - The Rake's Song
08 - Won't Want For Love
09 - The Crane Wife 1 & 2
10 - The Crane Wife 3
11 - All Arise!
12 - Rox In The Box
13 - Sixteen Military Wives
14 - This Is Why We Fight
15 - Raincoat Song
16 - The Chimbley Sweep
17 - June Hymn

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  1. FYI, the setlist is off. Song 15--the first of the encore--was "Raincoat Song," performed by the duo of Colin and John. Great writeup.

  2. Thanks for that setlist correction. I was just going by the setlist I grabbed from the band