Thursday, July 21, 2011

The Decemberists - Twilight Concert Series Preview

Week 2 of The Twilight Concert Series is about to kick off tonight in SLC, UT. Typhoon are the opening act and then come the massive Decemberists who are sure to leave a lasting impression on the city. Some are saying this is the highlight of the whole 7 week concert series and I am sure the 25,000+ number from last weeks opener will be more like 35,000+ for The Decemberists.

Their latest effort 'The King Is Dead' was the bands sixth studio album being released earlier this year. The album itself is a very strong lyrical adventure and gives us a couple of gems like "Down By The Water" and "This is Why We Fight". The album has more of a folksy/country friendly vibe to it and has a strong American touch throughout the albums 10 songs. Vocalist and guitarist Colin Meloy sums up the albums direction and sound best...
"If there's anything academic about this record, or me trying to force myself in a direction, it was realising that the last three records were really influenced by the British folk revival ... this whole world that I was discovering, that I was poring over, learning inside-out. It was a wanting to get away from that. And looking back into more American traditions, reconnecting with more American music."

It will be interesting to see how the band delivers their music catalog tonight. I suspect a heavy dose of The King is Dead with a mix of the previous 5 albums. Either way SLC is in for a fantastic night of tunes.

Here is the latest video from the band "This Is Why We Fight". You would be hard pressed to find a song with the same powerful lyrics.

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