Friday, July 29, 2011

Edward Sharpe and The Magnetic Zeros - Live Review

Before Edward Sharpe and The Magnetic Zeros took the stage for The Twilight Concert Series on 7/28/2011, I asked a fan that was standing front and center this question... "How long were you waiting to get that spot?" The reply was "I hate crowds so I got here early 3pm to be exact". I replied back "well just don't turn around and the crowd will not be a problem for you". The crowd was the biggest of the first 3 weeks of the Concert Series, and I would estimate it somewhere in the 40,000+ range.

Edward Sharpe, frontman Alex Ebert started the chaos early with a jump into the crowd on the 2nd song of the night 'Janglin'. One thing you need to know about The Magnetic Zeros is that they have a stage presence to die for. A live show with these guys is just a giant party, with music being played with a purpose. When you look to the stage you see a great big musical instrument frenzy, and the best part is the noise the band makes with all those instruments. One thing is for certain, Alex is a dynamic frontman that takes pride in his band and music. He is all about getting the fans involved and trying to connect with them on a personal level.

'Home' was the second to last song even though after the first song '40 Day Dream' the crowd was chanting for it. Alex explained "we have to have some build up to it... Then we can take you 'home'. Another highlight on the night was Alex encouraged the crowd to be quiet so they could do an acoustic version of 'Lean On Me'. It didn't work the way he expected as the crowd was so large those in the back and sidelines were more concerned with socializing trying to get a beer or find out where their buddy was at. This is always the constant complaint when attending the Free Concert Series at Pioneer Park. It is sad but true, when you offer something for Free everyone is going to show up whether it is for the music or just the socializing.

The stage presence of The Magnetic Zeros is phenomenal, it has almost a hypnotizing effect. One of the most amazing things I find about The Magnetic Zeros is the fact that they only have the one album from 2009 'Up From Below' but yet they continue to tour and the music just never gets stale. The night ended perfectly with the two songs 'Home' and then 'Om Nashi Me'. Just as Alex and the band left us last night I am going to do the same....

"Om nashi me
I love you
And I love you forever
And I’m loving you now"

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