Friday, July 15, 2011

Explosions In The Sky - Live Review - (Twilight Concert Series)

Mark Smith, Michael James doing what they do best
To kick things off for 2011's Twilight Concert Series, Salt Lake City just witnessed an incredible display of guitar and drum rock anthems. I know all the rumblings out there were to sway a few less folks to Pioneer Park and offer up a lesser known act to kick things off. Well little do they know Explosions In The Sky are a massive sized group and could do battle with Modest Mouse any day of the week.

What Explosions bring to the table is a very intense, tight, and a from the heart performance. You can tell that they put everything they have into their live set and leave nothing behind. They played the crowd favorite 'Your Hand In Mine' smack in the middle of the set which just about left me in awe. It was a monster of a tune to hear live and one that has been ringing in my head and mind every since. I honestly could not sleep last night having their massive guitar and drum riffs on repeat in my mind.

Even with all the crowd noise it was hard not to focus in on the music and really appreciate what Explosions have to offer. The 4 piece outfit might just be the nicest and humblest rock stars you would ever meet. You can see each one of them so focused on the music they are playing right at that moment and really nothing else matters to them. So much passion is put into a live show like this.

Munaf Rayani guitar before the set
When you go to an Explosions show the setlist is really thrown out the window. These guys just play their hearts out and don't stop until the end of the show. There is no chatting or breaks in between songs, it is almost like a one hour long magical song. Also if you want to hear an encore from Explosions you are out of luck - they play a jammed pack full set and leave nothing behind. This to me was the perfect start to 2011's Twilight Concert Series. I must say it also helps to have a press pass for the first 10 minutes of the set and get a killer up close look at the band (Thank You Dana!). As for you Explosions - well... Thank You Thank You, and can't wait to see you again.

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