Thursday, July 14, 2011

Explosions in The Sky - Twilight Concert Series PREVIEW

So tonight is the big night, The Twilight Concert Series kicks off its annual concert series at Pioneer Park in SLC with No Age to start things off and then we get to hear the beautiful guitars of Explosions In The Sky. I honestly have been listening to Explosions non-stop for the past couple of months. Their music is the type that can effect you if you are sad or happy, offering up so much emotion that every song could be a soundtrack to ones life. With being mainly an instrumental band and having songs that average 8 minutes long, it would be easy for one to not give these guys a chance. 

Once you take your first listen of their music you will instantly become hooked and there will be no looking back. Tonight's opening set for The Twilight Concert Series will be just that for a lot of fans - these guys will win you over with their monster guitar harmonies. If The Twilight Concert Series is anything like last year where there was more then 40,000+ people at the Modest Mouse opener there has to be a lot of people just showing up that have no idea who Explosions even are. When you offer a Free concert you get everyone coming of all shapes and sizes. I expect alot of variety of music fans to be at the show tonight and alot of people that aren't familiar with who Explosions In The Sky even are. For those of you that are new to Explosions be prepared to fall in love with music all over again. As for those of us that are already on the Explosions bandwagon well lets just soak in the tunes and enjoy the live set.

Explosions In The Sky - Take Care, Take Care, Take Care REVIEW

Here is Explosions In The Sky's track "First Breath After Coma" which is a few years old off of their album 'The Earth Is Not a Cold Dead Place'. I can only imagine what this will sound like while played live!

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