Friday, July 8, 2011

Ganglians – Sleep

The Ganglians are a lo-fi Sacramento four-piece band that have been flying under a lot of peoples radars including my own. Ganglians are set to release their new record on August 28th on the Souterrain Transmissions Label in the UK and August 23rd in the USA on Lefse Records. The album is titled 'Still Living' and is the follow up to the highly praised 2009 release of 'Monster Head Room'. We have already heard the first single from the album 'Jungle' now we have our second listen in on the new album with the single 'Sleep'. It really is a chill track that lives up to its title and offers a sleepy hazy sound.

When you first listen to these guys, you really get the impression that they are the poster child for your typical indie/lo-fi act of today. The thing is they are indie in every way, their music has not hit the mainstream surface just yet. They continue to release some darn good music without getting the huge publicity of the big indie kings such as Bon Iver and Fleet Foxes.

Ganglians - Sleep by souterraintransmissions

Ganglians - Jungle by souterraintransmissions

Still Living Track List:
01. Drop the Act
02. That's What I Want
03. Evil Weave
04. Sleep
05. Jungle
06. Bradley
07. Things to Know
08. Good Times
09. The Toad
10. California Cousins
11. Faster
12. My House

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