Wednesday, July 13, 2011

The Glitch Mob- We Can Make the World Stop EP REVIEW

With its cinematic scope and rollicking beats,The Glitch Mob’s 2010 LP Drink the Sea was such an immersive experience that one could argue the world was not quite ready for a follow-up full-length album. It would be a shame for something so enjoyably epic to lose its luster due to the gradual indifference many artists suffer through because of 21st century overexposure. Luckily, the trio took this account with their latest release, We Can Make The World Stop- a three song EP that is the sonic equivalent of a tasty midnight snack.

The beats and arrangements here are much in the vein of Drink the Sea. It’s obvious that the trio (DJs Boreta, edIT, and Ooah) is not yet looking to experiment with their currently established experimentalism. The songs themselves are perfectly structured tunes designed to both satiate the fanbase and whet its appetite. It’s clear that The Glitch Mob understands the age-old adage, “Always leave them wanting more.” The album features three songs total: the self titled opener, the explosive highlight “Warrior Concerto” and “Palace of the Innocents”, a track that builds deliciously slow before ultimately giving way to a crescendo of choral rhythm in typical Glitch Mob fashion. Clocking in at a scant thirteen minutes, the album feels far too brief, but this is probably intentional. In many ways, We Can Make The World Stop exists to merely remind us what we love about these guys in the first place. And it is no coincidence that the release of this auditory reminder coincides with the thickness of their summer touring schedule. As big as we thought the Glitch Mob were, it looks like they are only going to get bigger.

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