Friday, July 1, 2011

Matthew Good - "How It Goes", "Die Like Kings", "Hornets"

Today is one of my favourite holidays of the year -- It's Canada Day!!!!! I actually always wish I could be back at the Cobourg Beach enjoying the Canada Day weekend festivities every time July 1st rolls around. Well next best thing when living in the USA on July 1st is to put on some Matthew Good and soak up all the Canadian vibes and reminders of home.

I picked a few songs to showcase in this post - "How It Goes", "Die Like Kings", and "Hornets". "How it Goes" is my favourite song off the new album 'Lights of Endangered Species' and the other two are two songs that are unreleased but I think they both deserve some attention and some listens. "Die Like Kings" is an amazing song in my opinion and it is a shame that this song hasn't found its way on any album. 

So for all my fellow American friends out there that read this little blog, help me celebrate Canada Day by listening to some Matthew Good.  Here is the note he left on his site in regards to a tour "A tour in support of Lights Of Endangered Species is scheduled for the fall of 2011. Dates will be announced, and tickets will go on sale, at the beginning of the summer."  I think we should all petition for Matt to add a bunch of USA dates to the tour.

Happy Canada Day!

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"How It Goes"

"Die Like Kings"


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