Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Sound Check: The Demos INTERVIEW

Fake Plastic's very own Fr. Jones shoots the breeze with Jason Milton and Callan Saunders from The Demos about fan interaction, ideal vacations, and enjoying what you create.

Here is the link to my review of Lovely.

FR: The first time I listened to Lovely, I asked a friend of mine, "Where do I know this song from?" The answer of course is- nowhere. Lovely happens to be an extraordinarily catchy, infectious collection of music. What were your goals with this album?
JAY: We just wanted to make a record that we could be proud of. We have always tried to make records in which every song on it could be a single. I think we accomplished that goal with "Lovely." We would feel comfortable putting out any of the songs as a single.

FR: How long was the recording process? Will you be going back into the studio anytime soon?
JAY: We spent about a year recording "Lovely." We weren't in the studio every day. We worked on it bit by bit over the course of a year or so. We tracked the majority of the record ourselves in a studio that we built. Prior to this we had only worked in professional studios which ended up costing to much plus we were not always satisfied with the results. We were much more relaxed in the studio this time around which allowed us the ability to let the songs develop honestly.

CAL: We should be heading back into the studio in the next few months. Our follow up is mostly written and we are anxious to start working on it. We are still planning on supporting "Lovely" during the time that we are in the process of recording our next record. However, I think our live presence is important and I don't want to be that band that just locks themselves away in the studio for way to long.

FR: Lovely boasts a variety of sounds- from Britpop to surf rock. Who are your main influences as artists?

JAY: We grew up listening to the Beach Boys and the Beatles, and I've always adored Brian Wilson's harmonies. When we discovered The Strokes in 2002 it inspired us both to form the band. While writing tracks for "Lovey," I (Jay) was listening almost exclusively to Big Star. I had known about them for years but for some reason #1 Record just hit me the right way at that time. That's the reason we took the record to Memphis, TN to mix at Ardent Studios with John Hapmton (The White Stripes, Raconteurs). Big Star did all their records there and we felt like we needed to spend some time with "Lovely" there.

FR: What’s the story behind the Demos? How did you guys first get together?

JAY: We met in high school and discovered our similar musical interests. I'm a huge fan of Saturday Night Live and in 2002 I rarely paid attention to the musical guest. One night The Strokes were the guest and I was drawn in from the first note of "Last Nite." I bought "Is This It" the next day and a week later I formed the band that would end up being The Demos. I just knew at that moment that was what I wanted to do.

FR: I mentioned in my review that the Demos are worthy contenders to Cults as far as Quintessential Sounds of Summer 2011 go. Have you listened to the new Cults album? If so, what did you think?

JAY: Cults' record is actually in my car right now. It's an incredible record. I remember a few months ago when I first heard "You Know What I Mean" I showed it to Cal and told him it was the best song I had heard in a while. I was anxiously waiting for the whole record to come out.

CAL: Jay showed it to me a while ago, it sounded cool. I think their record cover is pretty memorable which is a good thing.

FR: Do you plan on touring Lovely anytime soon?
JAY: We are currently booking and shooting for the fall.

FR: How important is fanbase interaction to the Demos?
JAY: We have great fans and we sincerely appreciate all the love and kisses they dish out. Thank you so much. Please direct all questions/love-notes to: thedemosmusic@gmail.com

FR: Is there a song on Lovely that the band favors most?
JAY: I like "My City".
CAL: I like the sound of "Daydream".

FR: Back to the whole Summertime thing, what’s the Demos idea of a great summer vacation?

JAY: Being surrounded by things that make the world great. For instance, beautiful women and alcohol.

FR: Any advice to up-and-coming artists struggling to make it in the 21st century music industry?

JAY: I would say whatever you do, just make sure that you make a record that you, yourself, would listen to if you didn't make it. It might be easier to latch on to a trending genre, but what's the point if you don't enjoy the music you create?

CAL: What music industry?

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