Thursday, July 28, 2011


If you have wondered if it's possible to wear out a digital copy of an EP from overplay, then you probably have heard of French Films and have been listening to their tracks. The band from Helsinki, Finland has been on my playlist for what seems like forever now and has no intention of leaving it.

The Golden Sea EP has been out since last fall on iTunes and has made fans anticipate the band's debut album "Imaginary Future" in September.

I recently got a chance to ask singer Johannes some questions that tell us some more about the band and their music.

From FPT's Jay Harris - French Films Interview

JH: What can you tell us about the new album "Imaginary Future" and when might we expect it?

Johannes: "The album will be out in September. It has 10 songs on it and will
sound more diverse than the EP."

(**Update: album tracklist at bottom of post)

JH: Releasing the Golden Sea EP and having been well received means people may already have high expectations of the band going forward. How does that impact what you are are trying to accomplish with your current work, or does it?

Johannes: "I don't know.. It's good to have a clear mind and concentrate on
those things that are important. We went to studio with new songs,
recorded them, mixed them and we think they're brilliant. Now we're
really looking forward to release the album and hope that people will
like what they hear."

JH: The length and pacing of the tracks that you have released so far have been brisk and effective in leaving people wanting more. Having been used to great success by some of your potential influences in The Ramones and The Beach Boys among others, this would seem to be something that the band likes to incorporate in it's recordings. Was this something you guys have tried to do with your music?

Johannes: "Well, I have always liked pithy and catchy pop songs you want to
listen over and over again. We obviously like other music as well but
this is just something we like to do."

JH: For someone like me who knows Finland for Hockey Goalies, Nokia and Finlandia Vodka, what can you tell us about the music scene in Helsinki or Finland in General?

Johannes: "There's many talented people doing all kinds of different musical
styles in Finland. Living the time of Facebook, Soundcloud etc. it's
finally easier also for bands from Finland to get attention. There are
some damn good new bands rising from here. You'll see."

JH: Do you find that playing live has changed any of the current songs, or affected how you have approached recording the new ones? For example, your different guitar lead in on the Golden Sea live version is terrific.

Johannes: "We played some of the songs from the upcoming album live and I think
every one of them progressed in time to be what they are now. When
we're playing live it's always more energetic and a bit different than
on record. We didn't think about it that much when we recorded the album
though. I think it's a good combination of roughness of punk and
softness of dream pop and something else."

JH: When not playing your own music, and the band had to choose a couple cover songs to play, what would be your top picks?

Johannes: "We have been thinking about some covers, not that serious though.
Would like to do a French Films version of Fleetwood Mac's "Go Your Own
Way". Or some song from Pet Shop Boys. And of course we have been
playing the obvious "Take On Me" by A-ha in our rehearsals. Maybe
something will be released in the future."

JH: When you write new songs, what comes first, the lyrics or the music?

Johannes: "Usually the music, though I write down words whenever something comes in to my head."

JH: What would be the ideal day off from music be for the band?

Johannes: "I think we had an excellent example of a brilliant day off when we
were touring Europe in May. We the band, our sound engineer and our tour
manager drove through the amazing alps from southern Germany to Italy
and stayed the night in this beautiful and calm countryside town called
Verona. We had our own house there for the night, cooked some delicious
pasta, drank wine and had good conversations. Really relaxing!"

JH: Any upcoming tour plans?

Johannes: "We're touring Europe again in fall and are also visiting Japan if
everything goes as planned. US and UK are also "on the list", but see
what happens."

JH: Ending on a totally non music note: As a good Canadian lad, I naturally love my hockey and I greatly respect how the Finns play the game hard. Are there any hockey fans in the group? And if so, how can you not help but like Selanne. The man is a Nordic machine! 41 years old, 80 Pts last year, are you kidding me! kunnioittaminen
(You can keep Vesa Toskala away from Toronto though, we already saw that movie)

Johannes: "I think we're not the biggest fans of hockey but yeah we do like to
watch a game sometimes! Especially when it's the world championships. It
was great to see Finland win this year first time in 16 years! And yeah,
Selänne is definitely a legend. A hero to many guys our age."

JH: Thank you very much

Johannes: "Thanks for the interview and take care!"

Buy the Golden Sea EP

Imaginary Future tracklist:

This Dead Town
You Don't Know
Golden Sea
Pretty In Decadence
The Great Wave Of Light
Living Fortress
Escape In The Afternoon
New Zealand
Up The Hill!/frenchfilmsofficial


  1. At best, 60 days to go before we can hear more songs from them! Highly anticipated release, I would say... Great!

  2. You hit the nail on the head with wearing out the EP tracks. I have been doing the same. They just never get boring those tunes. Getting really excited to hear some of the new stuff, especially since he mentions a more diverse sound.