Thursday, July 7, 2011

Standing Shadows – The Silent Revolution EP REVIEW

One thing that cannot be said about this Los Angeles based band is a lack of staying busy. These guys not only performed over sixty shows in 2010 but also managed to release a full length album, “Five Years of Darkness” and an EP, “High Rise.”

2011 appears to be an equally busy and even more exciting year for them as they have released another EP, “The Silent Revolution” on March 1 and appear to be working on new material for a follow up album due out sometime in October.

The Silent Revolution is a hard hitting and highly melodic five songs. The first track, ‘Fire in You’ jumps right out at you with a solid guitar riff and engrossing vocals. The sound these guys lay out puts them on the edge of indie, alternative, and straight up rock and roll. They know how to bring the mood up and also how to drop it down with slightly slower yet emotionally poignant songs like the title track, ‘Silent Revolution.’ The track alone really shows off the vocal, guitars, and drum prowess of this band.

This EP is a solid mix of good alternative, prog, indie, and rock that is emotionally relevant and searingly rampant with readily accessible choruses.

I’m looking forward to what Standing Shadows has to offer in the future.

Rating: 4 / 5

Album Review By: Mark.HaTe


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