Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Theme Park - "Wax", "A Mountain We Love"

The newest band that I have my eye on are the lads from London that call themselves Theme Park. It was just announced that they will officially release their single 'A Mountain We Love'/'Wax' on August 29th via the paradYse label. The band consists of twin brothers Miles and Marcus Haughton, along with Louie Bhose and Oscar Manthorpe. They grew up together, attending school and playing music together so it was only fitting that they took it to the next level and became a band together.

After giving both tracks several listens I came to the conclusion that Theme Park are a band with some huge upside. Both of these tracks are very polished and give off a fresh indie/dance pop vibe. It was pointed out to me that they are managed by Bloc Party's manager and I can see a resemblance in their music styles. This could very well be London's answer to the USA's Foster The People. Yet only two songs in, time will tell how far Theme Park can really evolve their sound. But for now lets sit back and enjoy a couple of quality tunes. It's time to put Theme Park on your radar folks, take a listen for yourselves.

Getting to know Theme Park:
Official Website

A Mountain We Love by Theme Park

Wax by Theme Park

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