Monday, July 18, 2011


First things first, the temperature inside Columbia, South Carolina's New Brookland Tavern on July 14, 2011 was hot, hot, hot. As more people filed into the modestly sized venue to witness the trippy, electrofunk of Toro Y Moiro, the less oxygen there was to go around. By the time show opener Coma Cinema was halfway through their set, the venue was beginning to reach the discomfort levels of a Civil War-era submarine. And as 10:15 rolled around, I became almost convinced the venue itself was some type of James Bondian-level supervillain trap ("I'll get that blasted Toro Y Moi!!" roared Killwave - get it?? , Chaz Bundick's nemesis, in my unrelated fantasy while hunched over a computer monitor in some other more comfortable, air-conditioned location.).

But I digress.

For a solid hour and twenty minutes, Toro Y Moi grooved their way through the steamy night. Opening with "New Beat" and finishing with encore number "Still Sound", the band managed to cram in a diverse amount of material from their various albums- including a song from the Freaking Out EP, due in September. The aura was appropriately communal and psychedelic (featuring a squirming, neon petri dish on the stage's backdrop). And if it wasn't for the Godforsaken heat, the crowd would have followed Chaz and co. even further. This begins the second leg of Toro Y Moi's 2011 live circuit which will take the chillwave gang to San Francisco's Outside Lands Festival in August alongside Arcade Fire, Muse, and the Arctic Monkeys before culminating at Moogfest in Asheville, North Carolina.
Toro Y Moi- Underneath the Pine REVIEW

Here is a clip of opening number "New Beat":

- Fr. Jones

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